31 July 2022

day 3

Day 0 is test day. 
5 days minimum off work -
But that is after you’re symptom free. 
And then you need a PCR 
To come back to work. 

What is the difference between 
A home test kit and a PCR?
Glad you asked. 
The PCR “accelerates” the test
To amplify the smaller Viral load
Which might not show up 
On a home test kit. 

I should have taken the PCR
Before going to work
After a known exposure 
Even though I was asymptomatic. 
It would have caught the smallest load. 

When you get sick 
Before you can open your
Prime Day Packages. 

Had half a Steak. 
MY goodness it was good. 

It could have been much much worse 

Not eating and just resting. 
And pooping. Like 20 times a day. 
With 106° F temps. 
I didn’t get dehydrated 
Because I drank Snake Juice! 
That’s my Pedialyte. 
Kept me out of the hospital. 

30 July 2022

dark night

Nice and slow and steady. 
I don’t take BP meds. 
I don’t take cholesterol meds. 
I only take my PPI. 
And Iron. 

More and more people are turning up
With elevated Troponin levels. 
Mine was off the chart last year. 

This happens a few times a day. 
But then I goes down quick. 

Look Ma. No edema!
You can see bones. 
Oops need to shave. Hehehehe

Went to the testing center. 
They pulled the curtain down 
Right in front of me at 11:45
And said to come  back at 1 pm. 
This was NOT on their website. 

Urgent Care places are now charging $200
For a PCR test. And they only test. 
They don’t prescribe. 
At the pharmacy, Paclovid I up to $600

Completely touchless contact. 
Apple Pay and curbside wins the day. 
Put the Flying Dutchman 
On the hood and back away. 
No one gets hurt-ed-ed. 

It’s been a few days since I’ve eaten. 
Other than a few bites. 
The same people that bitch about me being
In the common areas won’t help out 
with food or medicine. 
I guess the cats can just eat the crap
From their poop box. 
Kills 2 birds. The self cleaning 

At least I’m well enough to drive
Well yesterday. Not sure much today. 

Went to the car and bam!
Accidentally dropped my pants. 
I’ve lost 10 pounds. 

29 July 2022

day of discovery

It once got up to 106 F
Which usually means
You’re tripping daisies 
And seeing dead family members. 

My deceased ancestors did come. 
I could have sworn they said
“Buyyyy Bitcoin!”

I spend 90 % of my time 
In my room. 
I eat in my room since 
I won’t have a mask. 
I spend some time in the den
(Masked and alone)
And some time outdoors 
(Unmasked and alone)

What’s amazing is that after
2 1/2 years the people still
Don’t understand social distancing 
Or Universal Precautions. 
Many people are in fear based free-fall. 
It’s potentially changing our 
Relationship Status. 

Get some sun. 
It’s good for me 
And kills the little germs. 

Die germs- die! 

BETO came to Texas 
And had tons of support! 

Ahhhh I miss Kidd. 

The day of discovery is test day. 
That’s Day Zero. 
The 5 days starts now. 
5 days with no symptoms 
So I’m not ready for that   

28 July 2022


CT. Not Carb Tripper. 
I tested negative Tuesday. 
And got the booster. (#4)

Axillary. So add a degree. 
I got sick last night with fever and chills. 

Temps spike in the afternoon. 
104.4 nothing to sneeze about. 

Woke up shivering, and soaked 
With sweat. 
Everything smells like cinabuns.  

You can see the exact moment 
I ran off the rails. 

I’m glad to have 5 days mandatory rest. 
Imma watch outlander and 
Get some work done. 
I have full energy. 
Just aches and pains like the flu. 

Well. Not so sure about this. 
I can’t do the starchy carbs.
No matter how “good” they are. 

Meet Karen. 
The Keto Kop. 
I might unpack my new gear
This week. 

27 July 2022

pretty day

What a beautiful day 

What a beautiful wrap

Once a year or so
We are called in to the office. 
They do some training 
And sign papers. 

And get our very own 
N95 mask. Test fit. 

I had the 2nd booster yesterday. 
And had night sweats all night.  
Woke up soaked. 

Bossing everyone goes better
If you dress the part.  Lol. 

It’s my money
And I want it NOW!