30 September 2018

the countdown starts

Leftover Snacks 

I have a paper cutter. 
But where? 
NP. Pete brought his. 

I came up with the idea for a Time Capsule. 
To be opened at the next reunion. 

Pete also helped me with my hair. 
What a nice guy. 

So this week, the entire set of goals
Comes together. 

I once had a crafty nurse friend. 
She said that crafts were like thereapy for her. 
Because in Nursing, you never see the completion. 
We have an assembly line of health care. 
And we never see a task from planning -
To “Viola! It is finished!”

Through goals, we can get that sense of closure. 
That’s what this is for me. 
An end to one era. 
And a beginning of another. 
Plus, I get to see a project through. 

I want to drop everyone’s jaw
When they see this body of work! 

29 September 2018

counter attack

After years of dreaming of this and that
I finally opted for living in a rented room. 
For now. 
It fits. I like it. And look at this kitchen! 

This is SoapStone. 
Once or twice a year, you have to oil them. 
This darkens the color and brings out the shine. 
This is what tables are made from
In many High School Laboratories   

#1 Rule of having people come help. 
You must feed them. 
Coffee, covfefe, wine... 
something... anything!

I brought Pete some wings. 

A few last minute items on the agenda,
And I’m done with the Reunion Project. 

Beautiful Autumn skies. 
A bit cooler at night. 

A nice Black and Gold Necktie. 
With little owls on it. 
Just for me! 

28 September 2018

crashing crash

People always think they’re ok
But it’s scary and dangerous
To ride while someone is texting. 
It’s like drinking and driving. 
They always say they’re ok to drive. 

This causes me stress.
What kind of country do we live in? 

I’m so sleepy 
Being late is a going to be a given. 
Let’s hope not. 

Hey Professor!
The band trophies are here! 

Headache at work. 
The worst kind of headache. 

27 September 2018

bar louis

Bar Louis is an upscale 
Melenial Bar 
That’s usually in malls 
And places where people live
In condos - over businesses. 
Not sure what that’s called. 
They’re like little cities. 

Marissa and I met up,
Tape measure in hand. 

This was funny. 

My worst nightmare 
Is seeing something I think is clever...
And it’s really a homemade 
Hot Mess. 

I think this will look nice. 

I really like this accidental
 color combination!

Only problem is, I can’t find 
The paper cutter.
 And I was trying to do this by hand. 
That’s probably like giving yourself a haircut. 
So I’m having a paper party tomorrow!

I think it can be fun 
To try things that aren’t in our
Element. Not comfort zone. 
I’m way past that. 
I reached out-
But no one had any real care, 
Or offered hands-on help, 
Pretty much like high school itself. 
Oh. The irony! 

26 September 2018

almost there

I was appalled 
at some of the half assed efforts 
I’ve seen on line. 
Some good ideas, too, though. 
High School Reunions 
Don’t have as much clout as a 
Kids Birthday Party...
In the grand scheme of things. 

It’s kinda an untapped market. 
Like Baby Gender Reveals
Or Kids Birthday Parties. 
Which, actually have themes 
And thought put into the project. 

And we wonder why people don’t go. 

Mommy has a little helper 

The Remember When Board
Is coming along nicely. 

My former BFF is so good with paper crafts. 
It’s a pity she is not around to help. 

I have enough experience with photography 
And picture placement 
Thanks to this blog, 
And some super training 
Long ago on the high school newspaper. 
I was actually quite witty. 

Kiss the girls and make them cry. 
Yep. That’s me! 

25 September 2018

reunion reprieve

Muah, ha ha ha ha! 
*Evil laugh*! 

My Reunion plans are coming togecther! 

I’d like to thank The Academy 
And Dollar Tree 

And Amazon 
And Walmart delivery. 
Saves me from lugging around cat litter. 

The rain won’t stop and I love it! 
Now it needs to stop by next 2 weeks. 
I need to go see Big Tex at the State Fair. 

A new friend and a new style! 

And since I’m so close to my fave BBQ Rudy’s 
Well... you know what had to be done! 

24 September 2018

trophy club

Sitting there at work 
With my handy dandy thinking cap on ...

Trying to figure out how to add height 
And a splash of color 
To my display for the Reunion ....

Just as a fluke, I checked online. 
A guy on Facebook Marketplace 
Was giving away a box of trophies!
And he was less than 20 minutes away. 

His kids are grown and don’t need them. 
But he didn’t want to just trash them. 
The trophies. Not the kids.
He kept the kids. 
By the way, after the reunion, 
I plan to donate these to a school 
Or organization in need. 
Which pleased him, 
And the girls - now grown- 
Who won the Trophies! 

I added some Football  parts. 
Band parts. 
Did you know trophy parts have names?
So for $20 I got my display. 

In the recent past, a few kids
Have asked why our most famous 
- or infamous -
Classmate is never included 
With the people we’ve lost. 
I’m going to include him. 
I went to school with this guy. 
All the way back to elementary school. 

The kids at work plus this on me. 
And called me a Troll. 
I think they meant it as a compliment!

23 September 2018

prepping owls

Place looks like a garage sale 
For Harry Potter. 
All the owls. 

Thanks goodness for the Dollar Tree! 

So I took yearbook pictures. 
And ran them through a filter. 

I think I looks nice. 

Such heavy rain! 
I absolutely love it. 

Spinach and Spices. 

This yogurt. Mmmmm. 

Ready for that new style!