30 June 2018


A cat burglar 

Good readings continue 

Baggy pants and all

 I’m fantasizing about cooler weather. 
We typically get temps over 100
For up to 100 days 
Here in North Texas. 
And the heat index is like 110
So it’s not a “dry heat”

It’s even Like 85 degrees at 6 am. 
How do people manage this?
This summer I have Snake Juice. 
I’m betting I will have no issues 
Like I’ve had in the past. 
Because- electrolytes!

29 June 2018

one month jitters

I’m familiar enough to guess my way around. 

I added an overnight stay after each excursion
So I don’t have to drive
Down a mountain - tried- after dark. 
Plus I can get a little hiking or sightseeing. 
Thank goodness for Air BnB! 

Been increasing my exposure to 
Light and Steps 
To make sure I’m as ready as I can be. 

One thing about being 90% carnivore. 
The hair and nails grow like crazy. 

My fair city 

28 June 2018

dinner with pete

So I was called in to work today. 
And I get home late. 
This incredible friend is chopping up fruit salad! 

We were going to have a friend come 
for dinner. But with me working late-
No. This was some party cheese. 
Blueberry and Cranberry. 

Party wine. 

Regular wine. 
We HAD to compare!
The party wine was better. 

Grilling. OMG!

The results speak 

Pete likes a Sussie!

And I got my 5000 steps!
So it’s a great week!

27 June 2018

apple store

Lost and lonely leftovers 

Uptown is funky for sure. 

The Apple store couldn’t help me. 
They said I have to actually try and
 remember my password. 
Blonde or not. 
It’s the one thing I must do. 

The Band’s Visit
Is now playing!

Not mine! 
I can’t do cheap wine. 
It’s like cheap food. 
It just sits wrong with me. 
I guess it’s cheap for a reason. 

26 June 2018

hot hottie!

Here’s the culprit 

Breath mint, anyone?

Ramadan is over. 
But the spicy connection continues for me. 
Unfortunately, I overdid it.
And ended up doing a “soft” fast
For 48 hours. 
By “soft” I mean I had a few bites
 of cheese and salami
at the end of the day. 
Once I realized I wasn’t going 
To need an emergency appendectomy! 
Because yes. 
The spices went right through me. 
Must be Scotch Bonnets. 

Goat Bryianny  

Don’t be fooled. 
This seeming innocent salad-
was the worse part! 
I think they got my order mixed up
With someone else’s. 
I actually ordered a hamburger. 

I gave the rest of my meal away. 
To some people who are used to spices. 
The guy said his TEETH were on fire. 
Not just just tongue. 
So a lightweight like me-
I never stood a chance. 

Stepping it out
Getting ready for some hiking 

The things you’re bound to see
Whilst driving out and about ! 

So I’m down 2 pounds! 
Lol. The hard way. 

24 June 2018

goodbye turkey neck

Sorry to say. 
This is one of the limits
Of phone blogging. 
VLOGging is a mess. 

I have an appointment with the Genious Bar 
Next week. Fingers crossed. 

Hope the link works in the mean while !
Please enjoy. Let me know if it works! 

conservation mode

Vacation mode is upon us. 
I’m filling in for cases
Rather than training a new Nurse. 

Not complaining. 
Just some long days. 

The more I worked, the slacker I became. 
But that’s not how it works. 

The more I work, the more careful I must be. 

All in a days work. 

Grain face. 
The first pic is 16 June. 
The second one is today. 

Different light. Different filters. 
But you can tell a real difference. 

I blame grains. 
Grains are grasses at the end of the day.
And we are not designed for that. 
Ruminants are. But not us. 

This is an accountability pic for me.
The weight is about the same. 
I seldom deviate from my base. 
But I look sick! 
Like something is really wrong. 

Also makes me think I’m not so cute. 
Who would want to wake up next to that? 
No one. 
That’s why I’m alone. 
But I digress.
More to come! 

By the way. 
Kimberly- I miss you! 
Please call.