31 May 2019

baby bloomer

The Snapchat Baby Filter 

I admit it. 
I missed the computer generation 
Learning Curve. 

So in that sense 
I’m like a Boomer. 
But in that sense only. 

I still plan on paper. 
And I have a New Book started
For my next adventure. 

I will probably look for a 
4 month assignment 
In Greater Denver 

(Or a mountain area) 
To espace the summer heat. 
Something like that. 

I always sleep deepest right before I get up. 
I’ve always done this. 
Since I was like in Middle School. 

I go to the little nurses room 
(Up the the bathroom, ok?)
And then go back to bed for an hour more
Of delicious, delightful sleep. 

My lastest toy. 
Beats X. 
I got them for walking 
and working out. 

You can still hear the traffic, etc. 
But you get the music, too. 
And the ear buds are cushioned
and come in 4 sizes. 

I’m ready for June! 

30 May 2019

please push the button

Steaks for dinner 

Zucchini with Pork Rinds 
and Parmesan Cheese coating. 

Peanut butter Keto cookies. 

Leave at 7, get to work at 8. 
Leave at 645, get to work in 30 minutes. 
So I leave early and take a walk. 

Very unfriendly side of the road. 
What is this for? 

Huge storms. 

Please God, please fire that nasty nurse. 
She told the doctor yesterday 
“We’re old, but we’re good!”
She was speaking for me. Of me. 
In front of a family member and the doctor. 

We got done and went into the hall
,and I confronted her. 
I told her to speak for herself and never 
NEVER call me old
Or anything else meant to be derogatory -
Since I am working circles around her. 

In fact, I went to the doctor 
Because the mother thinks she is so inept, 
She can’t be trusted to tell the truth. 
She only takes credit for other nurses work. 
Namely, mine. 
She can’t even lift the patient. 
I was as mad as a freaking fucking dog. 

The first time I have been 
Back to the Children’s Hospital 
Since Love Dove died. 

Please please please 
Please shoot me in the base of my skull 
If I ever become as grotesque 
And inept as she...
Just put me out of my misery. 
And keep me from injuring innocent patients. 
Nurses like her are why kids die. 

28 May 2019

called in

Time for a hair cut. 

Still not brave enough for a complete
Asymmetrical Undercut. 

Threading is the way to go. 

Free Trohpies for the reunion. 
I wish I had never given the first set away. 

My 2 new hobbies. 
Sleeping. And  Marketplace. 

I would never eat there. 
Might gain a ton. 

Here goes nothing! 

27 May 2019

Memorial Day

I sleep so much better with out
You-Know-What . 
I can’t say the name or it appears. 

Damn. They keep it hot at work. 
Like 86° F 
And we’re just getting started. 

I’ve been called an 
“Introverted Extrovert “
Because I’m shy. 
Until you know me. 


I took one bite of Ramadan food. 
And the heartburn lasted for hours. 
It wa the worst physical pain
I’ve ever had. 
No more bites. 

I have s friend who is quitting drinking. 
I think I’ve inspired him! 

We talk. 
Now, my idea of quitting 
Is not like the standard model. 
If that works for someone, then go ahead. 

I focus on the Ratonal reasons. 
Health. Savings. 
And you just feel better. 
Same goes for quitting junk food
And carbs. 

Eat them. All of them. 
And see how you feel. 

For drinking wine, 
I read to film yourself 
After a few glasses of wine. 
Chances are you won’t like what you see. 

26 May 2019

drunk with blood

The best sleep is always 
right before the alarm. 

Stopped at Grandy’s 
to get Cinnamon Rolls for the gang. 
They were left over from last night-
Cold, stale, and had no frosting. 
I complained. Bitterly. 

I’m actually surprised 
Roaches didn’t crawl out
From the containers. 

Then, the Night Nurse was a 
No Call / No Show
If I had done that,
I would be fired. 

Why they keep such crappy nurses 
Is an embarrassment to us all. 
It does no good to complain. 
The replacements they send
Are much worse. And untrained. 

The family brought Ramadan Food. 
This is Goat. “Not too spicy.”
My mouth has third degree burns. 
They just don’t taste the he spice. 
It’s in there. Big time! 

So when everything goes wrong 
All at once
In such EPIC proportions- 
What can you do? 

I plan. 
I get a pen and paper. 
Or a brand new journal. 
And I brainstorm. 
I do my very best planning 
when I’m mad. 
The madder I get, 
The better the plans are. 

PS. Hemingway 
Never said that.
So they say

Anger is a feeling I rarely have
Because I handle things 
Instead of getting mad. 
And since I’m at the bottom end of the 
Food chain, I end up just dealing with it. 
In a word, it does no good to get mad. 
Because I have absolutely no authority. 

So - off to plan the next 5 years! 
I think I need some traveling money. 

I would love to be able to open up
A cute little Pot Shop
When the time is right. 
Since I’m not a user,
I wouldn’t be tempted 
to eat the profits! 

running dog club

4 years ago I joined the prestigious 
Running Dog Club. 

I was knocked down by 3 Pit Bulls 
And a Doberman. 
Running full speed. 
During a job interview 
As a Dog Walker. 
Worst job interview ever! 

I haven’t walked the same since that hour. 

Something like this happened. 

Tibial Plateau Fracture 
Torn ACL, MCL, 
And meniscus. 

The good folks at the VA 
Sent me home with an ice pack and crutches
And 8 Tramadol. And told me to cut them in half. 
To make them last longer. 

Over 2 years later I could do this. 
Finally could walk up stairs. 
Without having to scoot on my butt. 
Or take them one by one. 

Halloween I went as Dr House. 

2015 and 2019. 
My eyes are bluer. 

25 May 2019

my darling my hamburger

I have decided to get rid of 
all things that hurt me. 
Even if it takes decades to show up. 
Sadly, this means my beloved Monsters.
They’re teenage junk. 

I’ve said this before. 
But now I think I can do better. 

Thinking ahead to the 50 year reunion. 

Where will I be in 10 years?
Will I be healthy?
Will I even be alive!??
We’ve already lost many Owl Pals
Before their time. 

I trust Keto long term. 
And fasting. 

Taking my walks and activity rings seriously. 
And my sleep. 

I ordered some ear buds
For walking.  I love to walk with music. 
And I need to take advantage 
If the technology upgrades. 
More to come- when they arrive! 
I put the watch on the charger for a few minutes. 
And woke up like 6 hours later! 

So the warning shot was
 Not even across my bow. 
I’m not often the smartest person in the room 
(Just ask - everyone thinks 
they’re smarter than I am!)

But I’m smart enough to learn 
from other people’s mistakes!