26 November 2015

a little help from my friends

One minute you're fine...
Interviewing for a Dog Walking Position
[Why not? It's a good workout, and decent extra pay -
Without a heavy commitment to saving human lives]

These are (maybe) the 3 Dogs that knocked me down
And fractured my Tibial Plateau!
I fell over the top of a 4th Pit Bull...

The next minute you can't walk
Or even stand up - 

Hours of waiting- literally

I had to hold my own plates at the VA Hospital -
Not complaining, though...

Missed Diagnosis and Very Little Pain control.... 

lol - the Internet wins today!

This is the day I fell on the floor,
And had to Google "How to get up off the floor"

Going to the store takes Super-Human Effort
And a little help from your friends

Then eventually, a Cane -
And Trekking Poles

Now - 6 months to the date of my injury,
I can finally walk without a brace or cane.

I can carry a fairly heavy load (in a bag)
AND I can walk up the steps in a normal fashion 
NOT baby stepping it!
One or the other.. can't carry something heavy 
AND take the steps ... yet!

OH- and the other day, I changed the sheets 
By myself. A milestone!

So all my research on PUFA's 
And Inflammation, Cox2 Inhibitors -
Gelatin, Protein, Carb Reduction / Sparing...
The patient I helped the most  -- was me!

So thanks! To Pete, Cher -
All who checked on me -
Offered to help - and just were being good friends!

I would still be sitting on a bench in the rain...
If not for my BFF - Sherri!
Thanks for helping me get back on my feet -
Here's to another 40 years of having out 
And being there for each other!

24 November 2015

cooking days

Opened the door to see THIS sweet face!
All she wanted to do was kiss me to death!

Would you wear this?
I would NOT.

Cooked a Pork Roast.
People line up to get some...

It was not that long ago that I had to ask 
"What is a blog?"
And "OMG - I don't own a pan!"

Windows open... in the day...

Fire with Pinon Wood at night.

Growing my hair -
Being on track - 
Good goals to have!

23 November 2015

ring of bright sky

Since quitting anti-cholinergics, 
Everything looks so bright!

I never knew... may it is just Autumn.
We are having a grand fall here in Dallas Tx 

It's good to be busy  -
And have good friends - 
And love what you do!

21 November 2015

late birf-day

Thanks, Dr S 
For lunch!

It was good - as usual

We almost always get two different things
And split them... so we can try many things


Square plates...  LD

And this lovely Infinity Scarf!
It was a great time!

19 November 2015

all around

Shopping already in full swing 

I like getting laundry done - lol

Still have the parking permit
But wear my brace just in the afternoon

Eating is spot on...
Still can't wait to get a bit more walking in...
It is going on 6 months since my injury

Good friends are great to have around!

A wee bit of a cold - or maybe just a little horse!
A few days off - and back to it!