31 December 2021

New Year’s Eve

The Garden of Earthly Delights 

Homo Incurvatus Se
Always looking inward/ not outward 
Toward service of others. 
A heard a fascinating documentary
On this Triptych. On YouTube. 

2 years ago, I ended up being sick
Pete and I had Chinese Food. 
And I was sick within a few hours. 
A few days later, 
I went to the ER. 
I was close to death, 
And my (deceased) Mother
Came down from the ceiling
And held out her hand,
And said “Anne-
It’s time to come with me!” 

I had a fever and couldn’t eat or drink. 
Plus I passed a kidney stone! 

Looking back, the doctors think it was covid. 
Long before covid before it had a name. 
Which is why I had such a strong reaction 
To my vaccine.
It was then  I ended up in hospital 
For 5 days! Such inflammation. 

Now, 1 in 4 have Covid in Texas. 
We had 2 nurses call out sick. 
Both with Covid exposure. 
My 100 hours went  waaaaay up! 

I don’t know if my 3 Pfizer shots
Have given me immunity/
Along with previous exposure. 
But I am fine. Excellent, even. 

Diet is spot on. 
Walking more than ever. 
Attitude A+
My car is a mess. 
But that’s not new. 

Goodbye 2021
And good riddance! 
Goodbye plague! 
Back to health. Please! 
Our world is ready. 

30 December 2021

high flyer

Up down all around 

Take your vaccine. 
They’re bringing back
The Iron Lung. 
Just for covid. 
You don’t want this. 

From 2018. 
And 2019. And 2020
And now 2021. 

I’m a You Tuber  now! 

He’s not wrong! 

Having this kid do some art. 
Forget houses and pretty ponies. 
This is The Music Man. 


West Side Story 
Go girl! 

My salad. 
I should weigh about 100 pounds. 
Weight loss makes no sense at times. 

High Flyer. 
I borrowed the title from a Mitch Markovich
Snare Drum solo, of the same name. 

Mitch was my teacher for years 
In college. He’s the father of 
Modern Drumming. 

So I’ve been waiting to have caffeine 
Till about 8 am. 
And I get up at 5 am. 
I wanted to give my body a chance
To make its own adrenaline. 
Seems to be working. 

Also this supplement-
Fulvic Acid. 
I responded quite well to it. 
Tons of energy and I wake up better. 

And I have my coffee at work 
When I start my charting. 

29 December 2021

poop happens

Crazy sleep. 
Crazy work. 
Crazy traffic. 

Many steps. 
I’m stepping  out!
Just like the crappy 80s song. 

Why did I sleep like crap? 
Traffic SNAFU for 3 hours! 
I got off at 7 and didn’t get home till nearly 10. 

I’m working (plus drive time)
100 hours this week. 
12 x 7 plus drive time. 
(Up to an hour each way!) 

No way I’m going to work
Sleep deprived! 
I need 8 to 10 hours sleep every night. 
I don’t want to go back to the hospital. 

My diet is perfect this time.
Steps, water, sleep. 
No Advil. No wine. 
Great sleep hygiene. 

Poor Fergus! 
Was he made to wear a sign? 
I’m not sure how this happened. 
Can he tear a sack apart? 
Or would he just slip out of a paper bag?

Kids kids kids. 
They’re too old for this. 
This is why I don’t have kids. 

28 December 2021

just tuesday

Sleep is #1. 
I go home and go right to bed. 
I’m doing over 100 hours this week. 

Look at my standing time 
Compared to last year when I was sick. 

I’m in the OK to good range. 
This is Walking Steadiness. 
Except for when I was drinking g that time
I haven’t fallen - since I was
Knocked down by dogs. 
And even then I didn’t hit all 4s. 

This is a 6 minute walk. 
Also in the good range. 
500 is the top score. 
Look at March and April. 
Circling the drain. 

Lots of cleaning, bending, 
And stooping. 

I’m a student of NonDuality. 
Specifically- A Course In Miracles. 
These are the founders. 
I might do the workbook this year. 
I stopped studying for a few years. 
I’m ready to start again. 

They need some trash bags. 
And other things. 

Love all my new shoes and scrubs. 

This reads purple 
But it is navy blue. 

This came and asshole Fergus 
Wanted a treat. 

What was he going to do with this? 
Lol Goofy Boi. 
I make a monthly donation 
To a local music group. 
Lumedia Music Works. 
And they sent me this. 
I love them because they promote 
Baroque music to all. 
And since about 2009
That’s all I listen to. 
Specifically minor keys. 

I should be tired but I’m jazzed. 
I’m full of energy and happy. 
Must be my clean diet! 

27 December 2021

boxing monday

Crazy Dreams all night. 

Lots of walking during the day. 

So. Last night, as I was leaving my case,
The little girl I help with school
Said she wanted to come home with me. 
I told her that would be nice, etc…
But she needs to stay here with mommy and daddy. 
So she took her hand and put it near her heart
Then, she “scooped it up” and gave it to me! 
She said “Well- take this heart with you!”
Which is a pretty awesome compliment!

Kids are rough customers. 
This same week one of the sisters
(The one who broke BamBam’s *Fergus*
Leg in at least 2 places)
Said she would come to my house,
Kill Bam Bam in front of me,
So I would suffer, then kill me. 
The little brother said he would 
Trash my car and trash my stuff. 
Sociopath much? 

It generally doesn’t take much to 
Win their affection. 
Just a little attention and some praise. 
Good kids rock!