21 May 2015

labs 5/15

My Latest Lab Values!
 Not too shabby!

LDL a bit high, but very time I do the VAP,
All my molecules are soft and fluffy!

HDL - out of this world - :D

H A1c - too high for my liking, 
But we'll see!

The big news is that my IRON came up from 19 to 45 
Still on the low side (35 to 155) 
But I am out of the woods for anemia and getting better all the time! 

Gotta do the ratios!


  1. Keep it up! love the Breaking Bad pic.

  2. Just want to say I love this: "Put down the carbs and no one gets hurt". Ah, it's so hard though. Anytime I "put down the carbs", someone almost gets hurt I become so cranky! LOL


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