31 December 2009

big hot plans for new year's eve

A neighbor called me and said she thought she smelled something burning.
It even set off her fire/smoke alarm.
We all smelled something "hot" too.
So she called the Fire Department.

Next thing ya know, they are knocking on doors, going though apartments.
Looking for infrared thermal images. Heat seeking on New Year's Eve.

My apartment was a real mess.
Boxes of supplies from my truck...fitness equipment...a stack of dvd's...
I guess I need to clean up a little!
That's a good way to start the New Year - all cleaned up and ready to go.
"Dress-Right-Dress," as they say in the Army.

I guess it was dramatic enough for a temporary distraction.
Back to work, then!

Happy New Year!
Here's to an un-cluttered mind
and peaceful outlook in the new year/decade!

"It's Been A While" ....by Staind.... Now that you mention it, yes it has!

easy dinner

Ever since my bout with H1N1,
Monster Drinks with Protein Mix
are an everyday occurrence for lunch.
What's for dinner?

a frozen ground beef patty
george forman grill

a little chipotle sauce
a little spicy spice...

...and a salad
with CATalina dressing
and parmesan cheese

The frozen meat is actually good quality, and easy and fast to prepare...
Clean-up is easy, as this grill has removable plates...
The salad comes from a mix in a bag.
No excuse to not have a hot, healthy meal, even at the end of a 12 hour shift!

Enjoy the Blue Moon!

The kittens in the laundry room are finally getting used to people being around.
Ah, maybe one day, they will know we come in peace, and mean them no harm....
*check out the video in the sidebar*
The Pink Glove Dance

and Happy New Year,

~there's no need to fear,underdog is here!~

30 December 2009

today's menu

Snowy yesterday in Dallas

mf snacks in a mf truck

Atkins Bar -
Might as well have eaten the wrapper..
I'm just sayin'...

QuikTrip "Rooster Booster" Lite
with Protein Powder
Quik Tripper

I get about 6000 steps per day at work
plus walking at home!
About 10,000 total steps q day.

Meanwhile, back at the casa,
Two little baby kitties are living
in the laundry room at my apartment complex.
One is so shy - she won't come out for any reason!
And she's the one I love most of all.
Everyone is feeding them.

Can you see her peeking out?
Messy cats!
Here, kitten!

*check out the song in the sidebar!*
The Pink Glove Dance

Video for "The Gummy Bear Song"

28 December 2009

breakfast, lunch and dinner

Black Coffee - Taster's Choice Gourmet Roast Instant
no cream - go figure

Lunch is a Monster LoCarb Energy Drink
Mixed with Protein Powder
A double scoop
It dissolves well and makes a pretty good mix
It gets pretty fizzy ✳✳✳✳

The rest of the can - it's a really big can -
I drink during the rest of the day...
A couple of days collection of Energy Drinks
It seems I like Monster LoCarb best...
I actually tried them all - more or less

Not to worry - I recycle!

These two ran and ran as fast as they could....
I could not catch them....

When all else fails....improvise!
from the movie "The Mean Girls"

*check out the song in the sidebar!*
The Pink Glove Dance

25 December 2009

big girls do cry!

It appears that I have lived through an ordeal.
H1N1 and other changes - at times,
I wondered if I would even survive.
But now, I have a new/different job.
I have new, smaller scrubs and a better outlook.
My hair still sticks up. A cowlick?

It is my goal to post food items on my blog.
Maybe a little HTML here and there.
Like the re-sized video bar!
I really missed blogging. Alot!
Wasn't that how this all started out?
...something, something, something... low-carb something...

Something about if you mess up - even the worst case scenario -
you can regroup and re-start over....maybe with a little help from your friends!

That's it's never too late. And each minute is a chance to choose again.
Clearer vision; better outcomes. It is never just about the food.

Even if you "knew" better and did "it" anyways.
...Ate it, said it, fell for it, omitted it.....again...

A new year, a new decade, and a clean plate.
A new day, this very moment!

With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right...
...let us strive on to finish the work we are in... Abraham Lincoln
(but it still applies here!)

A peaceful mind is no small gift!

"Fireflies" by Owl City

About Me * a profile

March 09

Autumn 09
Spring 2010


the obligatory "then and now" pics


I've been told I don't look like my pics.
In real life. To my face.
I'm not sure if that was a compliment.
Or not!

I don't know what I weighed before, because I never weighed! Too shy.
I have been losing about 5 pounds a month avg. for 12 months now.
About 60 to 65 pounds total, so far. A work in progress.
For (what will be) a total of 70 - 75 pound altogether.

I just got moved into a new little apartment!
It has a 2nd bedroom, which converted nicely into a mini-gym.
Plenty of room for the treadmill, bike, and weight bench.
It's a very good thing!

49 years old. I'm ok with that.
I am *only* 5'2" but come on - I can't help that!
For crying out loud.

I used to read A Course In Miracles. 
But I became afraid of experiencing the Love that I had only read about until now.
And started to project the most fearful ego things in the world.
Just now starting to understand it on a deeper level.
So now ....

So now I understand that forgiveness IS the key!
What I once resisted, I now "actively" accept.
I once asked (a quote from ACIM) "Would you rather be right, or happy?"
Now, I would rather be happy!
And Love for everyone! STAT!
And please be happy!

Anne H
The rest is unfinished at this time.
I'll update this page as changes occur!
I would love to hear from you!

11 October 2009

Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit

My Awards

Thank You Mr. Jack Sh*t for the wonderful honor of this award!
*click* the link

After my own weight loss journey started,
a Nurse friend said "Why don't you start a blog?"
Now every day, she is sorry she said that, because the blog is all I talk about....
....Karen did this...
....Jack did that...
....Dana did this and that...
....Harry phooned!
....Joanna said something nice - about me - although she says nice things to everyone.

So it is with great pleasure that I tell my things.
My "Jack Sh*t Really Sh*tty Blog Award" things.

A I started blogging (in part) because of Jack Sh*t. Specifically: The Raven.
I was all over that guy long before he became an icon to Blogland.
You know, back when only 4 or 5 people read and commented on his posts.

B Jack is a "good guy." You can tell from his comments. Nice.

C Jack reads minds! More than once - no, more than twice - no, well
MANY times I had a whole post worked out - and behold -
Jack had the same idea.
At first I was greatly disturbed by this.
But now I understand that
Jack and I must be "tuned in" to the same wonderful things in life.
I know we have a lot in common.
Must be a cosmic attraction.

D Jack just worked his *sk off, and indeed it is gone.
So he knows how hard, or how easy, it can be to lose weight.

E Jack finally showed his cute face.
Everyone was wondering.
Now we know.

F Jack is a stabilizing force in the Blogs.
This summer was THE BEST SUMMER I have ever had.
It was loving, and exciting, inspiring, like magic was everywhere.
I have never laughed so hard or had so much fun in my life.
Jack is/was a big part of the whole picture.

Wouldn't you agree?
Thanks Jack - you da man!
I love me some Jack Sh*t!

Also, since I am in the "Thankful" and "Grateful" mode
Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian Bloggers, eh?

Hope you don't have to work today.
At least not hard!

Again with the Haikus?
*parenthetically* deconstructionist

09 October 2009

there, I fixed it

moving right along

how's that working for ya?

a stroke of genius, DH
all righty, then

These were emailed to me the other day.
There, I Fixed It!
From a website by the same name.

Good for a laugh but really....
The diet (and life) metaphor is obvious to me

A quick fix doesn't always work
It doesn't hurt *or does it*
but we all know it won't work in the long run.

There are all kinds of genuine coping skills
that won't have to be re-done
once the duck-tape wears off.
that's right; I said duck :D

"If you don't have time to fix it now,
Are you going to have time to fix it later?"

ps still cleaning out files

08 October 2009

for crying out loud

all the lights are changing red to green,
for crying out loud

David Gray - Babylon

07 October 2009

over the top

from *FiTCETERA*
Thank you Katie!
"Over The Top" Award
1. Where is your cell phone?
2. Your hair?
Where is my hair? Is that the question?
3. Your mother?
4. Your father?
5. Your favorite food?
6. Your dream last night?
7. Your favorite drink?
coffee with cream
8. Your dream/goal?
Army weight
9. What room are you in?
10. Your hobby? blogging
11. Your fear?
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
13. Where were you last night?
14. Something that you aren't?
15. Muffins?
16. Wish list item?
17. Where did you grow up?
Dallas area
18. Last thing you did? Just that *grew up* just now
19. What are you wearing?
20. Your TV?
21. Your pets?
22. Friends?
23. Your life?

24. Your mood?
25. Missing someone?

26. Vehicle? 

27. Something you’re not wearing?
28. Your favorite store?
29. Your favorite color?
30. When was the last time you laughed?
31. Last time you cried?
32. Your best friend?
33. One place that I go to over and over?
34. One person who emails me regularly?
35. Favorite place to eat?
My life is too *ing for most people to comprehend.
*ing isn't even the word.
They don't even have a word for it -
that's how *ing it is!
(boring...loving, fill "ing" the blank...)
To the wonderful, interesting people who read this -
now it's your turn - you know the drill...
...have fun answering the questions
on your own blog!

05 October 2009

a regular day

a typical drive to work
short day today
stores in Texas have all this
stuff almost all year long
a few groceries
stuff that's good for ya
my assortment of flavours~
sugar-free DaVinci syrups
and a few from Starbucks

a tastee salad for lunch
2 or 3 pork rinds for croutons
low carb style

02 October 2009

work it out

I decided to go for a mini work-out yesterday
340 # weight machine
fingers flat, mind you

sweaty after
a nice walk & work out

I made myself get out and about. I bravely posted these pics of myself.
This is me.
Yes, I still have weight to lose. Yes, I'll be 49 in a month. Yes, this is my grey hair.
I can only try. It's all I can do right now.
It has been said that there's no returning. No moving forward.
Yet we all know there is!
What could be broken so bad, that it can't be fixed?