29 June 2020

nice day for a white wedding

Some big shindig at work. 
When company comes
OMG the food! 
I always get to make a plate. 
This was hot. 🔥
Butter Chicken and Goat. 

My housemate’s dad 
Gave her a subscription 
For Blooms and Birds. 
I think my Mother got this, too. 

And I took old copies over
And read to the Baby. 
She loved loved loved
Seeing the birdie pictures. 

A sweet little story. 
The Baby lived in a newer subdivision 
And it had rabbits everywhere. 
So every day I told her 
A made up story about
Mr Rabbit and his Rabbit Family. 
And if I missed a day
She got fussy! 

I sure miss her. 

I’m 99% sure we won’t be done
In 4 months. 
So I need to prepare 
For the chance that my 
Alternative Vacation will be cancelled 

I’m heading out of town 
Before I have to have random 
Hospice Cases and be super strict
With everything. 

My schedule is changing. 
This is a good time 
To just make some changes. 

A few days in the country 
Is just what I need. 
I’ll be 100% Keto as well. 

My behavior this year
(Since I started fasting) 
Reminds me of those videos 
Of Husky Doggos 
Who don’t want to 
Do something. 
And they whine. Lol!