31 August 2015

castaway on the moon

Once I got my handicapped parking sticker
Life became MUCH easier

Although sometimes it is still kinda rough

Got behind this guy -
Who paid for all his stuff - with quarters...

Taking clothes to the cleaner is something 
That will never get old

You can actually buy everything online now,
And never have to leave your place.
I am convinced of that!

Practicing with the Trekking Sticks
They really help and 
They are an upper body workout!

Had this delivered 

A pivoting seat for driving

29 August 2015

fist walk

Now the Tibial Plateau is broken,
It can't get any more broke, said the Doc

Well, actually, it could...
But I need to get back to some kind of walking plan 

With a nice Lunch - Thanks, Sherri!

And plenty of slow pacing and rest stops!

27 August 2015

a taxing day

Spent all day at the IRS - 
Be careful when you talk to them....
You might die from a typo -

Nice to be home

Fajitas without the Tortillas 

Hot Dog without the Buns

Ox Tail without the Tail

Not mine - but what a haul!

Someone put this on my FB page - 
Nice to look at for sure.

25 August 2015

every day I write the blog

Too bad they don't make this for real

You find out who your friends are
When you have a fracture that sucks the life out of your life

Large too big -
That's ok with me - 

Denton. Love this town.


Elvis Costello's Birthday
Every day I write the blog

Fallon's Broth Bible
THE How-To On Broth...
FINALLY reading it!

24 August 2015

younger vegan vs older carnivore

You might not know this about me, but for many many years, 
I was a Vegan. And a Vegetarian. 
My diet was about 80% carbs. Very Low Fat. 
And poor quality, plant-based protein. Lots of Soy Burgers. (yuk)

I was 34, I think, when I slipped and fell off the back of my truck.
I hit the pavement, and fractured my left radial head.

It took 16 weeks before I returned to work.
And actually, I never went back to that job.
I could no longer lift patients,
And got into Pediatrics.

Now, I am 54! And much much stronger than I was back then.
Funny, too because I was still in the Army Reserves,
And was having to train every day - for drill weekends.

But now, I went back to work 3 weeks later.
With a much more severe injury!

I think - well, I KNOW that

Being on Low Carb has helped!
No gluten
Low Omega 6
Added Gelatin and Bone Broth
Mostly un-processed foods.

No studies have ever been done about bone density and recovery 
On people on Low Carb and Low PUFA diets.
This might be the start of something wonderful!

Going forward, I have nothing but true optimism 
About this - it might be a very good thing indeed!