30 April 2011

cross*fit fun

Uncured Canadian Bacon with an egg

Grass-fed beef in onion/red wine sauce
and green beans
with my new spices!

The CrossFit event was alot of fun, 
with free stuff and a chair massage

This a a typical CrossFit White Board.... 
shows the WOD - work out of the day
Which changes all the time - 
that's why CrossFit is never boring!

All the CrossFit routines are "scaleable"
- Adaptable to every level of fitness and age.
There is a resistance band to assist in pull-ups....

And instead of floor push-ups, 
a person can do them at a certain level...
across this bar, for example

People compete against their own starting times 
in this work-out routine:

500 meter row on a rowing machine
40 body weight squats - 
(where you sit down on a very small medicine ball, 
then stand up real fast)
30 sit ups - no one holds your feet
20 push ups - chin to the floor.... hands leave the floor... then repeat
10 pull ups on an over-head bar! They can use the resistance band if needed.

Men and women have categories from beginner to pro:
Like 3:55 to 7:30 to get all those routines done!

One lady started at over 10:00 and
improved to around 8 minutes...
It's good clean and sweaty fun!

The swelling is finally going down on my face and head.
I made the mistake of having SF fro yo today.
Gave me a headache like no-ones business!

Just can't wait to get back into shape.
I actually crave it!

Hope you are having a great week end!

29 April 2011

central market

It's Foodie Paradise

Every single thing you could ever want

Every kind of coffee and tea

This is just the olives

All kinds of oils

Wines all day

Nuts, of course, and nut butters

Every kind of meat and cheese
and every fruit and veggie on Earth

Every kind of salt can you can imagine!
Wood Smoked Salt, Chardonnay Oak Smoked Salt,
Bolivian Rose Salt, for starters.

I got some samples of spices:
Ground Tumeric, Sweet Smoked Paprika,
Curry Powder, Coconut Curry Powder,
Herbs de Providence with Lavender,  and Grains of Paradise

Out the door in a flash!

This is the best store I've ever been in!
I could have stayed for hours.
Maybe days!

28 April 2011


Now bore -ding.....
A very long day as a medical escort.

Now I remember why I like to drive -
Checking in takes forever!

I had to ask for some dumb little booties 
when I took my shoes off at the airport - 
Just sayin'....

Smells like cinnamon rolls

Why yes - I would like a cup please

And another cup when I got home

My little patient's doctor told her to have 
Decaff coffee
Poor thing! No wonder she sneaks off to 
Starbucks every chance she gets!

In other news,
This FireFly run sounds like fun.....
It would be fun to walk the course.
At night - all lit up!

A bowl of beef hot dogs - the kosher type...
They were good - not too fancy, though!

Every now and then I take a body shot pic.
This one chopped off my head.
The size 8/10 pants are still loose.
But not quite ready for the next size down.
Still in that same zone... not up - not down....

I'm getting better and better
after my head injury.
Almost 3 weeks now.
Thanks again to everyone 
who wished me well.

Soon enough, it's back to CrossFit
And Boot Camp all summer long!

I am looking forward to getting stronger 
and more healthy and fit!

27 April 2011

driving miss poochie

Dang nosey dog drivers!

Maybe he wanted THIS!

Stopped at a little store called
My Fit Foods today.

I have never had Salmon
that was not from a can.
So the first time I wanted to try it
already cooked - it was great!

All kinds of fresh items -
 They even have a LoCarb section!
And helpful staff.

Pear Salmon - with a little spinach

The meals are already cooked -
I warmed mine up at home.

Avocado with a side of salad.
Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil dressing
With a pinch of Mrs Dash 

I made this salad. But MFF also sells them.
They have just about anything you might want!

See? All this fancy blogging and reading
is making me think twice about what I eat!

Hope your day is A + +
With lots of good things !

pasta dinner

Dreamfields Pasta
for dinner tonight

Red sauce and hamburger meat

If you mix Thousand Island Dressing with EVOO,
Do you get Virgin Island Dressing?

And basil from the garden. OMG.
And avocado.

This is called a "table." People eat at them. 

These are called "plates" and "silverware" !!

Lunch on the run- throw out the bun!


Fancy stuff, I would say!
This is Starbucks drive-thru

Sitting under the hair dryers.....
I can't believe I get  paid to have such fun!

I'll have a caffe mocha vodka
valium latte to go please

Had a great time!
Wonderful awesome time!
Happy time..... remember happy?

26 April 2011

smith machine

Please may I introduce to you
my newest deal - A "Smith Machine" - (link)
For what will eventually be pull-ups and chin-ups and
all kinds of things!

CrossFit guys do pull-ups with a towel over a bar.

I am even dreaming of CrossFit. 
Did 35 sit ups in my sleep the other night.

This Smith Machine is from craigslist - 
the undisputed best place to buy work-out stuff
like weights -  people want to get rid of it cheap!
This was $100 cash. So it's win-win.

My current set-up is ok.
But I wanted a cage ever since I saw one in L.A.
Much more practical.

One more thing for my gym to be complete:
A fan. A really good fan.
I simply can not find my super wonderful Vornado fan.
Perhaps it disappeared into thin air?

This is part of my new fancy eating plan.
Flounder with spinach/balsamic 

I like to have Beef one day.
Chicken one day.
Beef next day.
Then Fish day.
Then Beef.
Then Pork.
Then one day I probably just don't eat.
Or maybe eat anything! Or nothing really planned.
Or mix it up.
Since I was having beef almost every day,
This is about 50% less beef intake.
Focusing on the leaner proteins.
Even on LoCarb, it's good to watch the fat intake!

I love this new way of fancy cooking!
Eating beef jerky and pork rinds with a can 
of Cheeze Whiz just isn't "good enough" 
for me any more. Call me a food snob! I know!
Tuna from a can - not so much.
Globs of cream cheese - well......
Peanut Butter right from the jar - no thanks!
Last year, I didn't think I would ever get tired of 
eating my hamburger patty - every day.

Hope your day is truly wonderful!