04 November 2011

hellthy low fats

"Dear Blogger - 
This is what I ate today.
I still can't lose any weight.
That scale won't budge lol...."

"A hellthy fat-free breakfast!
With fat-free bagels lol"

"A healthy fat-free lunch!
On low-fat bread. What is in those chips lol.
They made my tummy feel funny lol
It didn't taste too good, so I didn't even eat it all lol.
Saved some calories that way, at least!

My brother's cousin's next-door-neighbor's wife - 
Her sister's husband said to not miss a meal
or your body will break down - and eat itself
or something like that. I dunno."

"A yummy snack with no evil fats to be found!
Better get this weight off and they say to eat low fat.
I wonder how long it takes to start to work lol."

"A hellthy low-fat extravaganza! 
Dang it. I had to have a little fat in there.
I guess, the less the better, right?
For dinner I had a low-fat turkey burger meal.
You know - from Lean Cousin. 
It was either that, or a Slim-Fat lol.
I spent a fortune at the store lol"

"I'm kinda tired, so Ill going to bed early. 
Not really feeling up to my usual self.
Can't imagine why."

Compare that with a typical LoCarb day

"Dear Blogger
I can't believe I get to have 
REAL FOOD on this diet!"

"For Breakfast, bacon and eggs. Maybe tomorrow, 
I'll make an omelet with onions, peppers, and spinach!"

"For lunch, I had a big salad - no croutons!
And grilled halibut with roasted asparagus!"

"Who knows - tomorrow - maybe crab legs. 
Extra butter. Maybe some cauliflower. 
Or a big ol' salad. Maybe shaved ham?"

"Dinner... Hmmm... let's see. Roasted veggies.
Maybe a few berries! Or an avocado. Chicken?
Roast? Corned Beef?"

"All this food. Hardly any of it processed.
Most of it fresh! 
Diet? You call this a diet?
Well, I don't care WHAT you call it.
Just don't call me late for dinner!"


  1. You are on a roll Anne H!

  2. LOL! Thanks!
    I actually copied the low-fat part from some poor guy's blog.
    Almost verbatim. Bless his heart.

    The rest is actual pictures from my actual meals!
    Dinner's ready!

  3. I think what scares the bejeezus outta me of so many dieters food plans (low fat and low carb) is all the totally fake, rejiggered, processed foods. A lot of processing makes food dangerous (oxidizes the oils, adds preservatives and fake colorings that have issues of their own, add more salt and sugars to give flavor to what's been heated to hell and back or squished and flattened and rollered and manipulated into oblivion).

    I mean, if you're gonna drink milk (I don't, not unless someone offers me organic raw milk), drink it whole, the way God made it come outta a cow! If you're gonna eat protein, eat it the way you'd cut it from an animal, not manipulated into something horrifying (see McRibs talk on the web).

    If it's a fruit or a veggie or comes from something living and breathing, eat it minimally processed as often as possible. That's my mantra.

    I don't trust things that are overheated, overprocessed, overpreserved, overridden nutritionally.

    The purer and simpler, the better. We were created (or evolved, or both) to eat things in their pretty natural state, with no or little processing...but we forget that simple, simple rule of nutrition...and reach for boxes, cans, jars, packages way too often.

  4. Your low carb photos look scrumptious! Sprinkle on a little garam masala and I'm set to go. ;-)

    By the way, I LOVE it on my poached eggs. Who knew!?

    Well... obviously, you knew, LOL!

  5. The low fat craze is a criminal deception by the agricultural industry. The less fat we eat, the fatter we get. As you and I both know now...fat is not the culprit, carbs are!

  6. Nice. It is very informative. Thank you.


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