31 May 2020

world on fire

Never try and reheat a
Double Double
Animal Style Protein Style. 
It turns to hot mush. 

Sorry you had to see that! 

Riots in every major city. 
I took off early every night
To get home before dark. 

I fully support the protesting. 
I kneel with them. 
Riots- I try to avoid. 
Like the CV19 plague. 

I’m thriving during this time. 
But I trained for war. 
Most nurses didn’t. 

Daylight- not much traffic. 

We are in for a rough summer. 
The second wave will come. 
And I will be ready. 

I have cleared my schedule 
To get my affairs in order. 
Starting with a 3 day fast. 

30 May 2020

can’t wait

It’s like the whole world 
Is upside down right now. 

Riots in the streets in every major city.  
And the Corona Virus. 

In-N-Out messed up my order. 

As tough as we get-
Life gets tougher 
And we have to keep raising the bar. 
It’s hard work. 
And not much fun. 
Back to a Spartan existence. 

29 May 2020

this close

You know those 
motivational posters and quotes
That admonish is to not quit! 
Stay the course! 
One more try! 
Well/ I’ve never had that work for me. 
Till yesterday. 

This case I have 
Is the hardest case I’ve ever had. 
And I was at the breaking point. 

I had made up my mind to resign. 
But the - CV19. ‘Rona! 
I don’t want to start another case 
In a medical pandemic. 

So I decided to delay my departure. 
Well. Last night I slept 
All the way through till morning. 
That never happens! 

I dreamed that the boy
I take care of was stranded
And I went to him and comforted him. 
And when I woke up
I felt completely different. 

And a bonus! 
This boy is going through a “brat” phase. 
Intentionally mean- does things opposite. 
Acts like he’s being killed or tortured
When I brush his teeth or move him. 
His fave trick is to wake up
And scream and moan and groan
So loud that it wakes the family. 
At 6 am. 
Well, today he slept late as well!
And said good morning. 
Ahhhh cosmic confirmation. 

So yay already! 

I’m sure our methods for choosing 
Are privative. 
I wonder if anyone grows up anymore. 
We grow old -
but we aren’t getting wiser. 

28 May 2020

silver faux

And now for something 
Completely different. 

Blue bleach with
20 Developer. 

Turns Slim Shady Orange
Yellow White. 

I’ve never used bleach before. 
It’s pretty washed out. 

Then comes Toner. 
This is Wella  T18. 
Almost Violet. 

Then Indigo. 
The first 30 minutes in. 

Then Shazam!
Crossover Silver Blonde. 
Platinum. Titanium? 

I had a friend once tell me 
That I didn’t need to do my hair. 
And furthermore, 
I was never to ask her 
If I could do her hair. 

I never knew how to answer that. 
I am such a non-conformist. 
My friend didn’t know me too well. 

I like doing color. It’s crazy 
Because I was so dead set against it. 

It’s like weight loss. 
Once I got into it, I loved it. 
When I was heavy, 
I made fun of people who 
Tried to lose weight 
What a bitch I was.   

It’s good to feel good. 
And feel good about your body.  

27 May 2020

good deed

Already cut up. 
Better than already been chewed. 
Remember ABC gum? 

CV19 remnants 

Down here, they lock up 
the baby food 

So cold in the store,
I got this white finger. 

Guess what happens next?
If you can’t hide the grey,
Why not embrace it? 

If you do t know about hair dye,
Let me put it in perspective. 
Blonde ranges from 8 to 12. 
6 is like brown hair. 
12 is platinum blonde. 

So T (toner) 18 is basically 
Steel titanium. 

I’ve been stomping around 
Far North Dallas 
For 30 years. 

I took a Nurse Friend 
To have day surgery. 
And I amused myself 
By driving around and gawking 
At all the changes.
Blogging from the parking lot. 

You know people want help
Or free advice 
When they start off with
“You’re a Nurse, right?”
Yep! That is me. 

The #1 question I get lately
“Is it safe to go out?”
My answer:
I got threaded today. 
You like? 

26 May 2020

spring cleaning

Half of this junk
Was in my car. 

The other half just got 
Tossed into the pile of
Things I was getting to later. 

Medical supplies. 
Camping gear. 
I even found my Cow Costume. 
Which means I haven’t clean my car
Since October. Halloween. 
Just too busy. 
And now with the virus ...

Redid the freezer as well. 
Lots of nice ground beef. 

Nice bins for storage. 

Didn’t get a chance to use this. 
But I did get the whole house cleaned. 
Baseboards. Windowsills.  
Spider webs in the corner. 

As they say in the Army:
If it stands still, paint it. 
If it moves, salute it. 
Except for paint, I cleaned. 

running dog club 5 years

The unusual suspects 

A sad day in a crowded ER. 
They forgot about me. 
They came out at 2 or 3 am 
And exclaimed “OMG!
You’re still here!”

They sent me home
With the wrong diagnosis 
And an ace wrap-
Got groceries
And spent the next 5 years
RE-learning how to walk. 

It’s true. 
You’ll Never Walk Alone. 

Re-organized the pantry 
To move unused things
And seldom used things. 
No pain at all
-until I stopped -
About 5 hours later. 

25 May 2020

work a day

Thank goodness for Covefe

Spatchcock Chicken
For Eid. From my other family. 

Add some Cream Cheese
Or Sour Cream
And you’ll think 
“Wht don’t I cook more often?”

I found this game. 
It’s very relaxing. 
I can play when the boy is sleeping. 
It’s like a brain training game. 

Over the years, 
I’ve been up or down 
5 pound or even 15
-like when I broke my leg- 
And never worried on small bit. 

I am not worried now as well. 
Let’s see how fast I can drop weight. 

Summer once was 
Memorial Day to Labor Day. 
My mother had a fit 
Every time school was extended! 

I want to get back to walking
But I need the treadmill. 
Now that the guns are open...
We’ll see. 
Are we ready to go back? 
Texans are dropping like flies. 

24 May 2020

happy Eid

Tried watching this 
But was too sleepy. 
Paid a nurse to come in early. 
So I could cook. 
Didn’t work that way. 

The most beautiful woman
That has even been. 
She is so beautiful,
She makes my heart hurt. 

Shredded Chicken. 
So easy. 
Takes like 10 seconds. 

I, too, am in shreds. 
But it took like 5 months. 

Chicken Tortilla Soup. 
Low Carb Version. 
Got up early to finish it. 

When the garden is allowed 
To just grow with no trimming
It takes over. 

I too, am growing
With no trimming. 
And unproductive thoughts 
Are taking over. 

The Overwhelmed Garden. 
The Overwhelmed Nurse. 

The Family took this picture 
Saying that I am part of the family -
I look like a puffed up blimp. 

5 pounds show up hard. 
I was 5’2” 
But now after my broken leg,
I’m 5’1”. 

I’m glad I already had 
the mindset to start. 
This picture would have freaked me out.