14 November 2011

subtile differences

Look at some of these Omega 6 numbers!
And this is on a so-called healthy diet!
This great data came from here and also here!

Turkey Omega 6 
to 3 ratio!
It's enough to choke a horse.

Chicken is high in Omega 6
Maybe not so healthy, eh?

You couldn't take enough fish oil supplements
to balance that out!

The Tilapia Group
Poor numbers - better ratio, though

REALLY a good source of omega 3?
Maybe just "so-so!"

Better than Ground Beef, at least.
70/30 in this case

Beef is good in the Saturated Fat area -
That's no surprise!

Did you know that TROUT is in the Salmon Family?
Look at the Omega 3!  And Yep - it is!

Red Salmon - eats more krill - 
so they say

Farmed Atlantic Salmon!
High Omega 6 - good ratio
They feed them soy and corn and stuff....
most of which are gmo!!
boo - hiss!

Wild Caught - Alaskan Pink Salmon
The uber gold standard of Omega 3 (they say!)

Keep in mind that the goal is balance:
500 mg  to 1,000 mg  of Omega 3 is recommended.
It is essential, because the body can not make it's own supply.
Not just ALA. (18:3)
But namely DHA(22:6)  and EPA (20:5)
The body can't convert the ALA 
as completely to DHA and EPA! (link)

Ratio of 2:1 Omega 6 (linoleic acid) to Omega 3 would be wonderful!
Most people get about a 20:1 ratio.
And that's on a GOOD diet.  A careful diet.
You read it right. Not good. 

AND no more than 10% total PUFA is recommended.
Some people say at low as 4%!

Hope this info helps!


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