13 November 2011

100 days of fish

Sounds Good!

Parmesan encrusted salmon with bacon
onions, and peppers

It was all flakey inside! And yum!

I cooked some yellow onions in balsamic vinegar and
bacon drippings. I let them cool in a dish
before I store them in plastic.

Peppers. Yum.

Even more yum!
I cooked alot of these to use during the week as well.

This is Honey Boy Mackerel. It comes from China.
It is not easy to find out info on Mackerel.
So there. 

So there. I started the Cod Liver Oil 
when I had Strep last month.
Still not 100% over that, eh!

So that's about one month on the supplement (link)
And about 10 days on the salmon.
My goal is to try the Omega 3 diet/supplements
for 100 days to see if it makes any difference.

I have studied the oils for like 20 years...
And PUFA's are the missing link I've searched for.
And here's a link to that! (link) (link

Maybe get some labs done after my experiment.
To see if maybe I have grown scales by then!

Hope your day is great - 
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!
And fishes!


  1. FYI RE: Omegas.... It's not their presence, but their ratio - the 3s to the 6s. Flax oil by definition has that ratio. Not that much fish here, it looks good.

  2. James - I love that the very word "linoleic"
    comes from the Greek word linon (flax)....
    But I am concerned about the conversion of n3
    in plant form ... vs fish! Hence the experiment.
    Specifically ALA (flax) vs EPA/DHA (fish) ...

    And I am trying to find better ways fo cook the fish!
    I've had salmon like - 5 times in my life - up till now!
    And I'm starting to like it!. Must be all the the preparation!

  3. This is definitely food for thought. Maybe I should plan to give up some of the kink-kink for glub-glub too. I love how much time and thought you have devoted to this.

  4. The salmon looks delish. I think we will do some tilapia tomorrow night.

  5. ~ Oct ... thanks!
    I am truly FISH obsessed. I even dream about it!
    MUFA's.... last night. [MonoUnsat Fatty Acids....]
    Now, really. WHO - 'cetpin' me - dreams about fatty acids?

  6. There is definitely something fishy about this post!

    You should have a sign on the door...gone fishing!

  7. Gone fishin'... 'stead of wishin'!

  8. Here's a nice salmon recipe. For each person use one small can of salmon and two eggs. Mix together with some chopped onion and chopped celery, seasoned generously with curry powder. Fry patties in butter. I use a combination of Maharaja curry powder and Hot curry powder.

  9. After the hubs had his heart attack they really stressed getting enough omega 3's they said you get lots of the others but 3's are what you really need! So he eats kippers, sardines and fish a lot!

  10. I learned a YUMMMY trick from Nom Nom Paleo. I took some smoked salmon, mixed it with some mashed avocado (leave some chunks, too!) and a little bit of olive oil mayo. Rolled it with strips of cucumber in a sheet of nori (seaweed). Swoon!!!!

    Nom Nom used crab, but I don't eat shellfish.


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