31 October 2018

happy halloween

The group that put on 
The Night Of Decayed Musicians 
Is now on my Amazon Smiles. 
 For those exciting times when I buy socks. 

Dr appointment every day this week. 
Not for me. For my Sweet Silly Goose 
My Little Hospice Baby 
Is hearing impaired,
And I have been doing basic signing 
With her. The doctor was literally thrilled! 
I’m going to be learning sign language! 

3 years ago with my broken leg
And my cane, I went with a friend
To Trick Or Treat with HER
Sweet Silly Goose. 
I was dressed as Dr House. 

Oh myyyyy! 

The Time Hop Memory Feature. 
I loved that apartment. 
I loved shopping and decorating it.
I loved painting it. 
I loved everything about it. 

I mostly loved making a fire with piñon wood
And drinking wine and listening to Vivaldi. 
I also went through a serious Handel phase. 

This year- no Orange Pumpkins! 
I’m going with Blue. 
Yep! A Blue wave! 
Bring it on! 

30 October 2018

favorite days

It’s that time of year again. 
Recert classes all around. 

I love love love the rain. 
The only thing better than rain
Is more rain. 
Especially in Autumn. 

Not even traffic can spoil my mood. 
Not even being busy. 
For some perspective,
I still haven’t unpacked my bags
From Seattle. In September. 

I once went to visit a blogger 
All the way to Canada. 
She was like “Hmmmph!
You don’t look a thing like your picture.”

So I put a picture of me every day. 
In case you see me, you’ll know me. 
Me an my declotage. 

29 October 2018

run a weigh

Instant Pot almost done. 

The family I take care of
They keep it so hot in the house
That sometimes I think 
I’m actually going to faint.  

Cindy’s dad has the right idea. 
Thickened wine. 
He took one sip. Lol. 

Frick and Frack

This is why you have to be ready. 
You never know when someone 
Will bust out with junk carbs 
At work. Be ready. Say no. 

2 years ago at Phantom 

And now! 
I love the fasting results. 

I loved my Reunion. 
But I got to say. 
Some of my classmates...
Well, they looked a little older
And rough around the edges. 
I credit my Mom’s genetics- 
She didn’t look her age, either. 
But also low carb, 
Low Inflammation,
Ketogenic Diet helps! 

28 October 2018

Beto for president

Sitting there talking about Beto. 
And a Beto volunteer knocks on the door! 
She was happy to see me!
As I was- her. 
Change is coming. 
Just hold on. 
Hold on, Sweetie! 

country roads

Valley Ranch. 

See the valley? 
Anywhere the Dallas Cowboys
Live - or lived- is prime real estate. 

Out in the country with Cindy. 

Instant Pot day 2. 

This. This is a little Sweet Knot. 
I love “Ramadan” food so much! 

Still believe that grains are not good. 
But I do understand when people love grains. 
They are like wine. 
Addictive, delicious, and hard to give up. 
Most people have to have a 
full-blown health crisis before 
They even CONSIDER 
Giving them up. 

Why are enema products 
always on the bottom row? 

7 years ago. 
My Wicked phase. 

Two years ago. 
My Phantom phase! 
Note the cane! 
I never use it anymore!
Knock on wood! 

Yikes. That face! 
This was “only” 20 pounds. 
From then - and this very day. 

27 October 2018

night of decayed musicians

I heard about this and 
thought it would be fun. 

Turns out, this wasn’t just a group of 
local college music majors 
Having fun... but an all-star cast 
Of famous virtuoso muscians! 
They’re all completely dedicated to Baroque Music
And many of them are world renowned! 
No wonder they sounded so good. 

Pete was first to catch on-
That we had stumbled into a goldmine of sound.
Lumedia Musicworks (link) is committed 
To bringing Baroque Music 
To anyone and everyone! 
They even have a pay as you go feature ...
Whereby if a person can’t afford a ticket,
They can pay what they have 
or what they think it’s worth to them. 
I really love this group! 

Deep Ellum is a thriving arts district 
In Downtown Dallas. 

This venue was at the 
Sons Of Hermann Hall. 

Pete and I dressed up
In Halloween costumes. 

It was great fun! 
Exactly what The Arts should be. 

Edited To Add:
Wow. I snagged this picture 
from Lumedia Musicworks’ website. 
They clean up nicely! 
Everyone was so kind. 

Rudy’s BBQ
No time to cook. 

Come here, my little protein! 
Lol. Fun times.