31 December 2020

New Year’s Eve

No sugar free jello. 
Just some old lemon junk 
From like 2002. 

Pick up meds. 
Not mine. 
Still they need to be picked up. 

From this day 2013
With an old friend. 

Ready for a day off. 
And I’m just getting started. 
I’m still anxious at times. 
But I’m working on it. 

30 December 2020

more bad luck

Emergency in the household 
And some people 
Are notably absent.

Screw them! 

Poor Santa! 
Lost his bottom half. 

The stress just won’t end this year. 
But no binging. - not that I binged...
Just no going back. 

What. Me worry? 

29 December 2020

one more week

I lied. 
It’s not one more week. 
Best sleep ever is with 
But gosh. 

Do it yourself haircut 

And of course, Fergus. 
Always one more week. 
Not sure how that happens. 
And up 5 pounds. 
Not sure at all why that happened. 

28 December 2020

learn to communicate

Most people I know
Suck at communicating. 
They get mad and stomp off
And stay mad for days. 
Or years. 
They never learned 
How to really communicate 
So they walk off
And start over
And have nothing to show for themselves. 
Because they never 
knew what they wanted in the first place. 

Are Americans really this shallow? 
I’m starting to think yes-
We are. 

27 December 2020

cat scratch feeder

I know the feeling , buddy. 
Probably diabetic. 

The monthly full body shot. 
Large scrubs. Baggy. 

Ok. Christmas is done. 
Let’s get going. 
19 months till vacation. 
I predict in 19 months, 
Broadway will reopen 
And the National Parks
Will be overflowing with a vengeance. 
People will never again take 
Simple things for granted. 

26 December 2020

boxing day

Love sleep. 
My new hobby 

Love Fergus. 
My other mew hobby. 

WalMart empty parking lot 

This caught on fire! 
I unplugged it and put it out. 
I was at work - 
and this happened at work. 

Feeling good!