31 July 2018

breezy night

This TRAM goes from hospital to hospital. 

Random tourist whose heart will go on!

That is Mount Hood on the horizon 
Catching the last of the Great Rays. 

The harbor view with downtown 
Looming large in the legend. 

Couple of great guys playing Jazz

Close to 10,000 steps again. 
This park is alive at 10 pm. 
Downtown is an urban dream. 
Good planning! 

driving around

dinner with Tina

Here in Oregon, 
You drive down the street
And find wild organic blackberries   
And sometimes blueberries and strawberries. 

Just pop them in your mouth. 

Rack of Lamb 

Homegrown organic salad
With watermelon radishes 

Pork Belly from a local rancher

A beautiful meal with wonderful friends!

Blackberry Coconut Panacotta 

Sweet Baby Olive 

A splendid lovely evening. 
Thanks, Tina
For making this happen! 


I need a job here. 
Cheese taster. 

Tillamook had free samples. 
They had everything there! 
It is a delightful trip. 
Throughout forests. 
And agricultural areas. 
Amazing day for a drive. 

And by the way,
That is a Cheese Elevator!


Highway 101
Goes from California to Washington. 
All up the West Coast. 
In California, it goes by the beloved 
Nickname of “Big Sur.” 

It is a US highway 
With different maintenance funds 

Here’s the newer Interstate 
Highway symbol. 
Different funding sources, 
And better connected across America. 

For my dear Canadian friends 
Who are along for the ride with me!