31 May 2011

block party

A neighbor bought a grill - and we cooked out for the holiday.
First block party since I've been here - about 5 years!
Hamburgers and Kosher hot dogs.

My hitting my head brought everyone closer, it seems.
Everyone knows everyone here! 

It's good to feel like you are part of a community!
It's a very caring place to live... Like a throw -back in time!

Let the texting begin! (insert Dr Evil laugh here)

Texas and watermelon - and ice tea and BBQ!

Yes - I ate this watermelon - and I liked it!
I do that from time to time... budget out a taste, 
or a small portion of something. A side dish.
LoCarb is not about serial / cereal deprivation - (lol)
it's about making better choices!

Never drank iced tea - until this summer!
Made Irish Breakfast Tea. It's strong!
And keep some chilled in this jug.
One pkt of splenda for the whole lot.
Not real sweet.
Never used ice in my drinks, till now, either!
Making all kinds of changes up in here!

Summer is here - 
Nearly 100 days from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
That's a good amount of time to make it count!

Hope your week is great! 

30 May 2011

remembering day

Me last year - and now.
I lost alot of weight when I chopped my head off.
It had gotten pretty big!
Be right back

This last year I bounced around from 140 - 145.
Good range. Still going lower.
I touched on my goal weight of 138 -
and realized I could go alot more than that.
After all, I am only 5'2"!!

My face has changed shape a little.
My body, too! Tighter - less jiggly bits.
But my weight has stayed the same!
I'm not frustrated in the least.
I never weighed myself to start!
Never was much of a Scale Gal...

Just an odd thing to observe the changes!
I guess it's like alot of other things...
Sometimes, we lead.
Sometimes, we follow. And sometimes - anything goes!

Hope your day is wonderful!
And full of happy memories!

Edited to add - Jan 2013
I found out later that my scale was off
By a full 7 pounds! ErmaGersh!
So kindly do the math and add 7 pounds
To the above figures. ...Anne H

29 May 2011

cleaning all day

Happy Memorial Day Weekend -
Almost 100 degrees today!

Made chicken broth soup 
that is not purple !

EggHead - the movie!
Actually, it's egg salad....

I am she as you are he and you are me
and we are all together!

Did some cleaning - organizing, really

I went into the files of the Baby Mac
and took out all the unused languages!
I also deleted about 2,000 jpgs!
Maybe save some space...

My posture is improving - 
the shoulder is much better already!
Sitting up straighter on a workout ball helps,
but I think the laptop is not the best option for
improving posture. My next major purchase will be
a desktop iMac - or run it through the tv screen
like I've done before, until that fine day comes!

Put everything up and cleaned like a wild woman!
Time + Energy + Something good!

Home Sweet Hut-ment 
to all who serve

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!
Any big plans?

28 May 2011

doctor day

A Lettuce wrapped hamburger

Coffee in egg whites....

Pimento cheese on Deviled Eggs

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

The British aisle

"Surrender Your Buns!"
For LoCarb Pirates.... Captain Cook

Makes ya wish for a better system


Life in the Parking Lot

Hope your day is great!
Summer is "official" now!
Have a wonderful weekend!

27 May 2011

gum drops

I'm "cured," ladies and gents!
I ate 3 (count 'em)
goodie goodie gumdrops -
and my mind (finally) said "Yuk!"
And then it told me 
"WTH are you giving me?
For this much calories, I could had something good.
Now - no more candy, already!"

I'm not really used to being out and about.
So I need to learn how to respond to all kinds
of tempting treats.

Maybe it's like training a dog.
They do fine at home. 
But they have to learn how to act
in every different situation.

Or maybe it's like Nursing School.
First, classroom - then clinicals - 
then the Real World.

Side sitting pics are the worst.
This isn't how I even see myself anymore,
although it is a recent picture!
To help with my posture, 
I sit on a work-out ball when I'm online.

In other news, 
I reached the overhead bar at CrossFit the other day!
Which means I am standing taller already.
And my shoulders are better.
I even dangled there for a few seconds.
Feet off the ground - yay!
So I am getting stronger!

Hope your day is strong!

26 May 2011

cactus for dinner

Again with the cactus?

Value Blend Beef Pattie Mix
Beef, beef hearts, soy and all kinds of stuff!

Paddle faster -I think I hear banjos!

After 5.21.11

Kool Aide

Chili's Boneless Wings with lots of breading

Fajita with chicken, shrimp and beef

A great little plate

New kicks from Kohl's
Big sale....half off!

Hope your day is going great!
It's. All. Good!

25 May 2011

massage day

Lunch on the wall -
Turns out they said "lunges!"

Wearing the weighted vest 
whilst doing errands around the apartment

I had a Medical Massage Tuesday -
it was just wonderful -
after it was done, that is!
My arm feels so much better.
Still not 100% - but much better, thank you.

The Massage Therapist said his service is different 
from a "regular" massage, because
he doesn't just move lotion around.
Not that there's anything wrong with that!

He really worked out some rough spots.
And is helping to correct some posture
problems I've developed.
That goes along with rotor cuff injuries.
Or rotator cuff, if you prefer!

Now I'm all into studying Anatomy again.
Much more detail than even in Nursing School.

Seems that years of slouching,
and carrying around lots of extra weight 
has made my shoulders rounded.
I mentioned in a previous post I lost
an inch of height that I'm just now getting back!

I've also started to sleep without a pillow -
Just a little neck roll.
And instead of a chair, I mostly
use a balance ball.
Especially for working online.

Getting more sleep is helping.
 I have a little "Quiet Down" routine at night -
About an hour before I need to be in bed,
I start to wind things down.... some candles,
a warm bath, and of course, GABA.
Seems to be helping!

Hope your day is wonderful!

24 May 2011

tuesday, tuesday

About Nutra Sweet -
It was a non-issue to me ....
Up till yesterday!
Sick smile
I noticed the constant tingling on the backs of my wrists had returned...
Well, just extra working out - I presumed.
Years ago, I had been diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome -
But it magically "went away"!
I noticed there is a low pitched hum.... like wind passing thought wires...
Must be a Zombie Phenomenon.. It comes and goes.
What's a Zombie to do?
But then, I got kinda choked on some food.
Right here - yesterday - in my apartment.
An egg. A freaking scrambled egg.
Can you even do that? Is that possible?
I mean, maybe a whole turkey - yes!
But a bite of scrambled eggs? Come on!
This had happened once before. Couple of years ago.
I was eating some chicken, and I got choked on it.
I was trying to imagine what would cause such a thing.
Things like: "I'm getting older, and my esophagus is shrinking up... intermittently."
"I need to chew my food better. I'm a old fat slob who needs to chew better."
"It's a neurological thing - I have a rare form of an obscure disease
that first shows up as weakened swallowing muscles"  ...oh dear!
I was at work when it happened the first time.
I thought I was going to die - right there!
And I bargained with the Universe to not let me die like
Mama Cass - choking to death on a ham sandwich.....
(And that rumor wasn't even true, by the way!)
I would have come closer to dying, by being heavy -
and "bingeing on crash diets" - Cass Eliot died of heart failure.
But, I digress. Back to yesterday.
So I remembered - as I was leaning over the sink
trying to swallow and relax - doing everything right -
I had vowed to chew everything a million times
so as to never get choked again - I've been pretty true to that!
Crying face
I also remembered that the time I got choked before, I was also drinking Diet DP -
I went through a phase of Diet Cherry Dr. Peppers...  And when I quit drinking them,
it broke an 8 week stall for me. (link) That's reason enough to not go back to drinking them!
Hmmm.... any correlation?
Maybe - maybe not.
Don't tell anyone smile
But logically - I don't need aspartame, so why use it, anyways?
There are different - better alternatives!
Thumbs down
I wouldn't go out and eat spoons full of MSG.... Why keep
something in your diet that sucks?

So. Now I'm in the camp that doesn't like Nutra Sweet.
I have the tingling, etc when I drink it.
Nothing else really changes in my diet -
And I don't have the tingling when I don't drink it.

YouTube video
Cass Eliot
Dream A Little Dream Of Me