31 December 2023

nude year nude me

Absolutely stunning sky

Our fair city 

Mommy! Don’t go! 
I walked in the living room 
And said “Hi!” And Fergus 
Said HI back! 

Stress buster. 
Get packages delivered 
to the Amazon locker 
and never miss a delivery. 

Green Beens and Chicken. 
My fave thing is green beans. 
The pseudo legume. 

The last of the Broccoli Cheese Soup. 
A few Croutons. 

HouseHusband is eating this 
Play dough trash. Crap. 
Taco Bell would be better for him. 
I’m trying to get him on a 
Meal plan. Right now is a 
good time for that. 

I am ready for core workouts. 
I need to be ready for
San Francisco. I don’t want to go. 
But I NEVER want to go. 
I end up going and having a good time. 

Was awake much of the night. 
Not worried. 
Not sweating. 
Just 6 hours later, I woke up. 
That hasn’t happened since the 
Days of Wine and Woe-ziz. 

Probably time to eliminate 
Caffeine for a few weeks. 
Dry out from it for a while. 

Working on NY Eve and NYDay. 

I wish you all a very Happy New Year 
With all the love and joy and peace
You can imagine! 
Thanks everyone who reads my blog!
Thanks for almost 15 years of support! 
Let’s go merge with 2024
In grand style and confidence! 
Health and wealth and happiness. 

30 December 2023

home again, home again

I love to drive and will take 
Anyone anywhere at anytime. 

Insha Allah. 
Which means “God Willing”. 
Small town with a boutique feel. 
Lots of Old Money in these
 West Texas Oil and Gas Fields. 

Black-tongued doggo 

Country Club food. 
It’s very fresh. 
You can actually taste it. 
Not much Low Carb here. 
The ice cream had Jack Daniels
Or should I say- there a little cream 
In with the Jack. 
Very Traditional Southern Comfort Food. 
Turnip Greens, Okra, Catfish,

My plate. There was a lot 
of breading on the 
Chicken Fried Steak. 
So I cut it away. 
Note the 4 Black Eyed Peas. 
Lots of carbs to start the day. 

Fancy Country Club 
Guys were golfing right
Outside the window. 

Behind the scenes. 
Lots of Champagne. 
For the big celebration. 
I would have been a waitstaff here
If I had lived there in high school. 
Certainly not a regular customer. 

Usually if I over indulge 
I have a rapid heart rate. 
My this was just DULGE. 
Not over or under. lol. 

I’ve been striving for metabolic flexibility. 
Do you increase simple sugars?
Complex carbs? Gluten carbs. 
High Fructose Corn Syrup? 
The danger of Atkins is that 
When you add back to maintenance,
You eat the offending stuff. 
The crap that made us sick in the first place. 

The obligatory Bathroom Selfie. 
Junk food, junk clothes, junk junk. 

This shirt is too big and
 literally hangs down to my knees. 
Ugh. Time for something 
More fitting. Plus all this junk is 
15 years old or more. 

29 December 2023

west texas

Well there ya go. 
3 trips to Abilene in a month. 
I’ve never been there before. 
Now I’m a regular lol. 
It’s rustic and West Texas 

27 December 2023

color me shocked

AI drew this Nurse

And this white, upper middle-class 
female nurse as well. 

Imagine my shock 
when I’m being truly helpful. 
I mean really and truly helpful. 

Been getting my steps up. 

The low reading was with Covid. 
I never have sleep apnea 
and I sleep with one pillow. 
I don’t even snore. 
Good thing, too. I don’t want a C-Pap. 

Apple Watch EKG
Top picture is today. 
Middle is November. 
See the high T wave? 
I corrected that. 
Bottle picture was right before 
I went to the hospital 3/21. 
If you find the P wave or the T wave
Tell them to come on back home. 
I need them. lol. 

Cozy Times at the bedside. 

Fun with Filters 
I put my labs, weight, measurements, 
Exercise and heart information 
“Out there” to show what 
Healthy low carb looks like. 
Now I have to say 
“For a Senior Person!”

26 December 2023