18 February 2016

pretty spring days

Despite my lovely caffeine use, 
And work stress - 
My BP is still great -
122/77 with a resting (regular) pulse of 62

Doggies are everywhere 

They must have smelled bacon - or steak!

Pretty sunset pics -

Got organized finally!

Pants hanging down... lol

I am working much later these days...
I need a plastic version of this plant!

07 February 2016

horses love aubrey

The construction never ends.
It took 2 hours to get to work the other day.
And 2 hours to get home. 

My take on Valentines Day

My sock collection grows

This is how to store the lid to a crock pot.
Or to take a pot of yummy food with you.
Like to a party, for example.
This is not how to cook with one.
If you want a pressure cooker, go buy one.
But this is not a cooking strap.
This is just a glorified rubber band.
Don't cook with this on the crock pot.
Sheesh, already.

RibEye and Melted Butter

Pork Tenderloin

Cooked in the oven 6 hours
At 200 degrees. 

Still rocking the good blood pressure.
I stopped being in A-Fib 
When I lost weight on Low Carb. 

All the horses love to go to Aubrey, Texas.
Something about the soil. It is sandy.
Horses love that.