29 February 2024

11th hour save

Guess who needs to see the doctor?

Keto Kat 2. Cedar. 
He’s constipated. 
It was anal glands and poop. 
He’s diabetic and deaf. 
And 7 years old. 
These things do happen. 

Doc said to give pumpkin. 

I’ll go anywhere 
As long as it’s forward. 

We both wrote scathing letters. 
Sat on them overnight. 
Decided not to send them. 

28 February 2024

in sight

Home sweet home. 
Help is around the corner. 

I honestly can’t imagine this chaos

This chaos worked in my favor! 
BitCoin halves every 4 years or so
Until they run out. 
In another 16 years. By 2040. 

My kind of chaos. 
So the Fat Cat Cedar 
Has problems with his anal glands
Which require cleaning twice a day
And expressing daily. 
I’ve been giving cat enemas
And butt cleaning - all week. 
He sees the vet tomorrow. 

So the end is in sight! 
Now to plan for my vacation 
And 15 years of Atkins! 

27 February 2024

no bunny

Well hot dog. 
I did something right!!
Bitcoin Spring! 
Buy low. Sell high. 

We have a nurse with low vision. 
This should help. 

Yes. It was 95° F here. 
In February. 

26 February 2024

rabbit and turtle

I’m a morning person 
But 5 am gets old after 50 years 

If ever I jokingly said 
I was like Wonder Woman,
I was just talking out of school. 
Let the karmic debt be settled. 

We have sick cat. 
Have you ever seen a cat butt? 
With leaking Anal Glands? 
It’s pretty disgusting. 
But that’s what Nurses do.
It’s so much not pretty. 

Now I’m a cat butt cleaner 
And bottom washer. BID. 

Signing in to another Al-Anon meeting. 

25 February 2024

tortoise and hare

The poor bunny. 

15 years coming up!

Heart Rate Variability 
Stays low and not perfect. 

Proceeding with extreme caution