30 June 2017

close every door

People are not always open to change.
Especially in health issues.

I never thought I would say this,
But people will shop around until they find a doctor,
Or a spouse / partner / friend / lover

Someone who is compatible  -
And by that, I mean usually - 
They agree on what kind of junk food is good!

As the saying goes, you can get a person to change religions
Faster than you can get them to change diets.

Very few times you see people going on and on about healthy choices.
Too much work.

People find what vice (if you will) is ok -
And which ones are not.
Cedar here loves his 'Nip!

I even think that using a ketone meter can be a way to cheat.
If a person used a Breathalyzer before they drove,
They should probably just not be drinking. Or driving. 

Why not just cut back on carbs? 
Why worry about ketosis - if you don't eat past your carb threshold?
Cut them out. 

I'm not sure the focus is about having ketones ...
Or just being low carb. 
Are we really in ketosis - except at first?

Find the hidden sugars and get rid of them.
Why would a Doctor need to testify 
That people can live a happy life without pie?

And why are we so quick to attack people who don't eat carbs?
If a person with lung cancer quit smoking -
We would applaud. Same with a person with liver cirrhosis.
If they quit drinking, we would rejoice.

Why is it then, with Obesity
We sit there, shrugging - 
Crying and struggling - 
Saying we don't know what happened! 

And we can't figure out why we can't lose weight...
Or feel better or shed this disease or get rid of the inflammation.
The grains. The junk food. The sugars.

Just have a meat, and a non-starchy veggie...
And a salad. No hardship.
No deprivation on Low Carb.

There are even low carb treats to be had now and then!
Like this site - one of many!
Low Carb sites are so popular now - thank goodness!
And Pintrest! Win-Win.

When I first started, I was one of just a few LC bloggers 
In our tight awesome little weight loss blogger community.
Now we have Keto, Paleo, Primal, Intermittent Fasting -
And it looks like its slowly changing for the better.
Low Fat "traditional diets" are destroying health.
There is no denying it.

Everyone gets better lab results.
Everyone loses weight, and feels better.
There might be a few exceptions.
But most everyone feels better when they eat better.
And better - for me is much less "carbage."

And so many people go back to the old way of eating.

That is a good time to close that door.
So other ones can open. 

28 June 2017

so much winning here

Pete makes a wonderful Cheese Ball

Now I have learned his secrets.... yum!

I love love love the outdoor chiminea

Salad time

Shrimp and Salad

I actually grew this -

AND I planted this !

My new Kitteh Friend 
He is now all Meat with no Fillers.
He comes to me every day to get brushed.
Which I love because less shedding!
(See what I did there?)

Cooking for the weekend

More Instant Pot

Staying home, finishing up my notes  - 
A joy indeed! <3

26 June 2017


Just kidding - 

Two hours after a meal

My first successful little flowerings

I pushed the cart 
All by myself!

No food - someone ate it

So I ordered out - Uber now delivers!
That would have changed everything 
2 years ago with my broken leg!

So when you feel like this - 
Do something ASAP

I found a dry food for the babies
That has no wheat, corn or soy.
They loved it!

Accidents happen - LOL

Instant Pot Before...

And after!

P I E 
The Nursing Process:
Problem, Intervention, Evaluation

When something isn't working - 
Figure out what it is, and get back on track asap!

In my case - 
Too much driving, and too much heat

So I got a new hair style - much shorter
And drastically changed my work schedule.
I am taking a week off to finish up charts
A work-cation! 

I got a cooler and fill it every day with ice water!
I also increased my Potassium because leg cramps 

So we shall see if this is the winning combo for me.
I need some winning. 

12 June 2017

so much good

Lots of good homemade meals

A little time with my new BFFs

I love to cook!

The Instant Pot is still lots of good

Lots of work -
Two full time jobs

Fried Pork Rinds.
Heavens - they're tasty!

Lots of yard work

Lots of rain

And me!