30 October 2012

chili today

I can - and do eat just about the same thing everyday

For being such a Bitch, I sure can be LoMaintenance at times!

If someone told me a year ago - 
That I would like tea over coffee -
I would have not listened... but it is true - I do!

Took Dear Trucky back - 
There was a missing bolt that was making the head light
go all around. I almost had to get into it with the guy
to convince him to replace the bolt. I came in here with it -
I won't leave without one. I guess that makes me a biotch.

Driving all around town, getting things done

I have never been more busy - ever...
Not even in Basic Training did I work as hard as now.
And frankly, people of normal weight 
have cycles of gain and loss -
I guess it's all about priorities!

So I am enjoying a couple of weeks "off"....
But still working only one full time job.

Can't see her, but this is a person. 
I checked to see if she was breathing - 
She was!

"And in corner, weighing five pounds more than she'd like...." 

"Ready to head back?"
Both from old New Yorker magazines!
Fun stuff!

27 October 2012

some things are illuminated

All the light bulbs in Trucky went out 
at about the same time.... which is right about now!

The upper brake light assembly in trucks -
Well, it tends to leak when it rains, so mine is sealed with silicone.
Quite a mess to get into and out of.
I've learned how to do it myself over the years.

Inspection (every year in Tx)
Tags (every 2 years)
All kinds of good stuff - lots got done!

From New Yorker Magazine

But the guy who was helping me put the old bulbs back in -
Put the old burned out bulbs back in instead, and closed 'er up!
Then, they sold me the wrong size. And threw the old bulbs away.
I ended up digging through the trash, and making quite an ass of myself.
All the while I was telling the guy it was the wrong size -
Every one "knew" better than me, and I ended up being right.
I was seething!

Finally, I took the fucking truck to get it done
(It's just a light bulb, right?)
And they ended up looking like this!
Now I am blinding people on the road -
until I can go to yet another place to get it done again!
5th time is the charm, eh?

So then I stop at the Butcher Shop to get some meat
And a lovely bag of bones, which they cut for me, special.
The butcher took the bones up to the front, 
And from out of nowhere, a lady grabbed them,
And ran out the door! Honestly!
Now I ask you, who steals bones?
A bone hunter? Bone Thug?

I guess I picked the wrong day to quit drinking wine,
Quit coffee, and go back to Induction 
All in one day! Better to take it in stages.

The bone broth turned out great!
I share it and get lots of compliments.

True story!
I can lol about it now -
and get out for a walk in the cool Autumn days!

24 October 2012

crawl back up

Lots of butter fried Hebrew National weenies

Buttery Bacon

Lots of steak


Couple of these

And these

Even go to go here - Prime Rib is always good

And Rib Eye

Finally my wild schedule is coming to a screeching halt.
Finally time to do things like - get a hair cut....
And get the truck serviced....
And clean up around the place....
You know, that kind of thing!
Get back to walking....
Disappointed smile
And re (re re re re) start over again
I don't even count the number of times...
It will prove to be an infinite number
because a diet is never "done."
So it always must be right here on my mind.
And first in my priorities. When it is not,
I slip. And I hate that! 
Winking smile
And yes, I am just now learning this!

16 October 2012

beef week

Gelatin continues to be a big, globby hit

And steak

And Cool Whip Coffee - 
I know, right?
BAD fer ya... etc... I know


Some times a treat is just what the Nurse ordered

Shrimp and stuff

Home-made Roast


Driving around - to and from my mega schedule
Week #23! Might not make half a year....

But darn close!
Soon - my Pretties.... SOON!

13 October 2012

a hard day's night

Driving all around -
Working like a dog

Two jobs ...and I still eat some cheese

Finger food stuff - Avocado and Ham/Cheese Roll Ups

Even some SF Creme Brulee...
Got flirted with here by the Barista...lol

It's easy enough to eat out when you are busy like this

Hold my buns, please

Finally getting home to cook -

At 9 pm!
But I'll take it - I'll take it!

This is week #24 of my Mega-Schedule....
Still holding on... ready for a break...
Details to come - I hope!