24 January 2015

boring is good

Chicken Salad
After a few years of no chicken 
[too many PUFAs]
I just crave it

Chicken Soup for the Sole

Been taking a walk a few times a week...
And getting to a place in my blogging 
Will surely hep with being accountable.

Still drinking LC Monsters
Which is a pretty bad habit
I have given up a time or two...
NOW that I am 54... maybe time to cut back on the caffeine?

And look at that bump... 
Yep- that is gonna leave a scar...
I can only hope it is somewhat distinguished looking

So yeah.. spot on... 
For the most part

21 January 2015

state of the union

Yep - another head injury...
Not to worry.. all is well..

Was going to use these for bandaids... lol

Still see silly stuff all day driving around...

The Doc in the Box wanted nearly $1000
To stitch up my cut...
Hit a doorknob... no wine involved!

Lots of Oxtail Stew and Broth

Some walking out and about

Some In-n-Out out and about

Fun stuff to see

Still baggy clothes

Mickey Dee's

Lots of Broth and Stew 
Good for healing

Stangely  - lots of craving for PUFA bird salad!

And Rain! 
Maybe an Early Spring....