31 October 2010

skelly on a date

Skelly Goes On a Date!
YouTube Video!
Recently, at work, some nurse was
acting all goofy - stammering around.
I think I was getting hit on! Really now!
Incredible. Blondes really do have more "fun."
Calling, chit-chatting.....you know - that! 
Just protein today, and a few pork rinds....
And beef jerky. And water, water, water.
And Monster. Just in time for Halloween!

The newest member of the Lovely Monster family.
Absolute Zero. No carbs at all!
When I am not able to assure myself
a clean environment at work, 
I only have protein shakes. Never a full or "real" meal.
Mostly "finger foods."  Not zombie-type, either! 
Big plans for Trick or Treatment?

If it's candy knocking on your door 
Run Away! It's no good for ya!
(But you already knew that, eh?)

30 October 2010

zombie day

Skeleton walks into a bar. 
Says "Give me a beer, and a mop!" 

How do you mend an IchyBody?
A pumpkin patch!

Ten Mummies walk into a bar.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Where to Zombies go swimming?
The Dead Sea

Frank -n- foods

What did the rat say to the bat?
"Oh look - an angel!"

LoCarb Cereal Killer

Happy Pink Halloween!

No hunger or cravings from the slice of carrot cake yesterday.
Back to protein mixes all day. 5 days this week.
All with Monster, of course. What else for Halloween???
They have a new Monster that is my all time fave -
Absolute Zero.... purple can omg...

What a lovely day at work!
My patient got better!
See ? It can happen - even in Hospice!

My own little Mother got better
and lived 3 or 4 more years, after a Hospice experience.
I myself got better after my NDE and
now I am coming to terms with my Zombie-esque life.
'Bout time, eh?

Zombie Haiku

These guys look like they had fun making this video.
Fun. Remember fun?

One year ago, I found this video, but
on account of having the Swine Flu H1N1
I didn't get to blog it!
A little Wicked fun?
Hope you are having some fun!

29 October 2010

day at the movies

Breakfast At Tiffany's -
and lunch and dinner

Some Like It Fat

Decks Ran Greasy


What Ever Happened To Baby-Fat Jane?

Honey, I Shrunk The Girls!

Breakfast Club -Lunch Club - Dinner Club

Weigh Me If You Can
(or..."CATH" Me If You Can Find It!)

Tootsie (Roll)

The Princess Dairy
(All images from Google)

Dead Man Walking -the literal version
Crab Bucket List
Any Given Hot Fudge Sundae
Sausage Day (Ground Hog)
Buggar Nights
Getting Ready For a Great Weekend?

    28 October 2010

    skelly cooks

    Cooking With Skelly
    The Literal (and psycho) Version
    YouTube Video
    Skelly and I are both learning as we go along!

    I keep finding files and jpegs.
    Redone now, on the Mac.
    I make a cameo appearance in this one -
    I might have been 38ish...
    I weigh now less than I weighed then. At the time
    I thought I would never cross 150 pounds.
    And never ever ever in a million fat years 200!
    Or more. Go figure.

    So today I ate.
    Even a baby-sized slice of carrot cake.
    It was good!
    I usually only have the protein shakes when I do shift work.
    Most of the time, I don't have access to a fridge or microwave.
    So I go "commando style" with just the mixes.
    And this week I had 4 or 5 shifts - so very little carbs.

    Sometimes I average my carb intake by the week -
    Not just by the day... does metabolism go in larger cycles?
    Only when you are metabolising! (So... yes!)

    Errands day today. Trucky inspection, and updates all around.
    Went to Firestone for 4 new tires. When I walked in,
    they were playing the opera scene from Philadelphia.
    La Mamma Morta by Maria Callas...
    Now I know for sure I am dreaming!

    *This just in*
    The guy at the desk, at the tire place.
    Asked him how he is doin'.
    His response? And I quote:
    "Living the dream!"

    All week it's been nothing but opera showing up.
    Johnny Schicchi - O Mio Babbino Caro
    (or truck-o as the case may be)
    Wagner, Puccini, all opera, all the time.
    Hope your week is awesome - Diva Style!

    home with skelly

    At Home With Skelly
    The Skeleton

    Long ago, I was nurse to a little girl.
    We took these pictures about 1998.
    Maybe 99. When digital cameras first came out.

    I found them today, whilst cleaning out files.
    And put them into this format. With captions and music!
    Just something silly, really!

    Oh, yeah - and today - my day off -
    I ate! Grilled HB and Green Beans.
    All in Italian dressing.
    And earlier, eggs and sausage.
    No more sicko SF candy for me.
    They could sell that stuff as Miralax.
    Oh wait- they do!
    Actually, it's not so bad. In moderation.
    Even then, the carbs are ok.
    So no harm done.
    And by the way, it's not always the carbs on the label.
    Sugar Alcohol / "net carbs" are all the rage right now.
    Which means info / fact creepage
    Which means "carb creepage."

    Here's how to really know:
    Just the the math. Not the aftermath.
    Take the total calories.
    Minus the fat [grams x 9]
    Minus the protein [grams x 4]
    What is left is the true carbs.
    Regardless of the label and how many -
    or how few- net carbs it claims sugar alcohol has.
    Hope you are rocking the week!

    27 October 2010

    getting ready

    Everyone's getting ready -
    My neighbor's jack-o-lantern

    Kyle is getting ready to eat some nuts

    Food Network TV is ready to do some carving

    These people are ready already

    Miss Bar B Cutie - getting ready to eat

    Getting ready to get out of these medium "harem" pants -
    They have to be cuffed at the bottom. 
    Even my shoes are a half -size too big now!

    Getting ready to hurl be sick...  Expresso with lemon is not good.
    Trust me when I say this to you...

    Getting ready to play!
    Whilst writing my notes the other day, a cat jumped up on the desk!
    Seen here playfully biting my pen.

    Some Nursing Homes have "free-roaming" cats and dogs....
    They just "live there" and go here, there, and anywhere they choose.
    The Residents love them. And the cat has 30 Grandmothers!
    So it's win-win...

    I'm getting ready to have a dreamy-good day off !!

    Hope you are doing the same!

    26 October 2010


    Couldn't use the camera so I did these on my phone

    Seems like it's all uphill somedays

    Just wanna eat cake? 
    Sheesh - it's for a birthday, for crying out loud!

    And pizza and candy canes. Hey! They are sugar free!

    I know all about protein, shakes, and water...

    Moving a little more- even at the desk at work

    Nurses get alot of exercise just driving around already - right?

    Still, the Holidays are coming, and I want to be more ready!

    Worked hard all Summer in the heat

    Worked hard all Winter in the snow

    Not too shabby

    A little less flabby

    Do you think that mabby - er, uh - maybe

    It's a gift we give ourselves every day

    It's good for your insides

    Good for sleeping and being awake

    People of all ages and sizes and conditions - mostly

    Even me? Yes, even You

    Me too? Yep! om om om 

    If it's one pound or one hundred, it all comes off one at a time!

    Thank you very much -
    Hope your week is wonderful!