18 November 2011

shaves the day

I did my laundry today...
Dang washer caught on fire!
Right next to a gas dryer - that was running - by the way!
And a gas boiler room.

Whole floor was flooded - water gushing everywhere!
I jumped up and over the (smoldering) washer,
and grabbed the (live) electrical wire-
unplugged it - and saved the day!
Disappointed smile
I figured my goose was cooked anyways, just by being there. 
And there wasn't alot of time to spare!
So I might as well try.
And I did it!

Couple minutes more - and who knows.
We might have been hearing about this story 
on the evening news.

All my spandex melted.
Sad smile
Drats. White melted plastic stuff all over it.
And my laundry basket.
I get a new one of those!

So yay - for all the box jumps at CrossFit!
And yay for not blowing up!


  1. holy cow...glad you weren't hurt...way to jump up there woman!!

  2. Holy crap Anne!!! That is scary - glad you are OK, and in the future, please do not grab any live wires...yikes!

  3. Oh wow! I don't know what I would have done...wait, yes, I would have RAN!!

    Glad you're o.k :)

  4. I've stopped at a few house fires - over the years -
    to help the casualties... But never like this!
    I was tripping all day after this!

  5. Whoa! Incredible! I'm glad you are okay. Before I got to the end of the post, I was thinking: yay for all that Crossfit, LOL!!!

  6. Wow... That was too close for comfort. I am so glad that you are okay.

  7. I'm amazed you were there to catch it in time! Wow!

  8. You are a handy person and apparently quick thinking too. Someone is obviously is watching over you.

  9. Wow, Anne. I would have been petrified and probably would have just run for it. I would have been scare to grab the cord like that. You are one brave lady. Sorry about your spandex. I'm glad you are okay.

  10. So scary! You really did save the day....

  11. You are a super woman!!! Glad everything worked out!

  12. Wow! Glad you are okay! That was really quick thinking - Are you Wonder woman incognito?

    Sorry about your spandex :(

  13. scary ..and what a thing to burn. Such a shame..I just LOVE your US washing machines, I wish I could have a top loader like this...ours load through a glass door in the front with lots of bending down and peering through to see if the wash is done

  14. Oh wow, I would have been running the other way!!!

  15. Wow...just glad you are safe and sound!

  16. Oh my!! You are amazing maybe even a super hero :)


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