30 November 2021

the worst case scenario

I overslept and kept hitting snooze. 
I got up at 6 and was at work by 7. 
That’s a first! And a last. 
Too much stress. 

Regular steps plus a 2 mile walk. 
It took 45 minutes. 
It was outside, paved, but hilly terrain. 

The City Of Dallas has a program 
For seniors. ASAP. 
Everything is free at the ref center
Or just for like $5 a month. 

It’s beginning to look a lot like traffic

Peanut Butter Beer. 
Butter Beer? 
I wanted some. But I did t have any. 

Went home and made Crack Slaw. 

It’s super cheap and easy. 
Carnivore Delight one plus. 

The fat likes the new sheets. 

I need to quit working so many hours. 
I really don’t like being at work at 7 am. 
I like getting more sleep. 
I asked my housemate how much he makes
Driving for Uber. He said he makes
Much more than me - and I 
Have a license in a stable,
Long term career. 
And he sleeps till 9 or 10 every day. 
Where do I sign up? 

29 November 2021

errand day

Headache for a week 
After that HHC. 

I have created a sanctuary space 
For cats. 

Yesterday’s Salad 

2011 looking back. 

I must be reminiscing. 
This is before I broke my leg. 

Today’s Salad. 

Dallas isn’t exactly spectacular 
During the Fall. 
But it lasts only about 2 weeks 
So no biggie. 

Fergus helps clean. 
Cleaning out the freezer is always a chore. 
First World Problems. 

When you become an absurdist 
Who also practices Non Duality,
The best answer is to just 
Go along with everything. 
Cuz fuck it. 
It doesn’t matter!! 
Bwah HaHa!!!

28 November 2021

wrong day

Headache all day. 
Went home early. 
Went to bed early. 
And here’s me with no Advil. 
I no longer keep Advil with me. 

Take one course of action-
Or another- for completely 
Diametrically opposed
Mutually exclusive outcomes. 

I woke up today (Sunday)
And thought it was only Saturday. 
And I was crestfallen. 
I love Nursing but it sucks sometimes. 

It’s a job where you’re on your feet. 
It’s hands on physical. 
Not like teaching.
Such energy is required! 
There are times that 
I’m not sure I have that energy. 
I know it wo T come from carbs. 

They make me sick. 
I haven’t been dehydrated 
Since o was in the hospital. 
In fact, I’m “juicy”. 

But when I eat carbs,
I physically get nauseated 
And light headed. 
Especially processed ones. 
Especially gluten. 
Never worth it. 
Not even one bite. 
After all- I already know
What they taste like! 
No excuses. 

27 November 2021


Training myself to sleep without wine. 
So far, the mental battle is over. 
I can’t stand the thought of drinking again. 

A look back from my cardiac event in April. 
Much better. 
How to keep it that way.

I’ve done the mental, physical,
And emotional work. 
Make corrections for the next decades
 of my life. 
My life would have been over 
In 2009 if I had not found Atkins. 

Weed hits the streets

Perfect beautiful luscious day. 
Rain and Baroque music. 
All minor keys. 

The cult of the white make. 
Doesn’t hurt to also be upper middle class. 

Lol. Today’s memory. 

The four phases of pandemic nursing. 
1. What? Who did what?
2. It’s all good! 
3. Fuuuuck
D. Changed forever. 

So now comes Omicron. 
Pronounced “OMMIi crun”
Not oh-MIKe-ron. 
Live and learn. 

Delta Variant had 6 modifiers. 
Omicron has >30 so far. 
Many countries are back to lockdowns. 
2 years now. 
It’s entered the animal population. 
In wild dear. 
Nurses call this Phase 5. 
Many are scared. 
Many are leaving the field. 

26 November 2021

Black Plague Friday

Just CBD and magnesium. 
Of/ and melatonin. 

I didn’t add date to the days 
I did t wear a watch. 

Cleaning out the freezer. 

A patient gave me this. 
I ate the whipped cream off the top. 

New lotion 

Well there ya go. 
A day old In N Out 
Double Double Animal Style 
Protein Style. 
Gets soggy. Don’t care. 
Ate it anyways. 

Once you gain, it’s like stochastics. 
Like 2 pounds up,
One pound maintained 
One pound down, 
2 maintained. 
Etc. If there’s a trend ,
It’s good to reverse it. 
Do you count 10 pounds gain? 
I gained 15 when I broke my leg. 
About where I am now.