08 November 2011

typical cross fit class

This is Miss Karen.
She is in my CrossFit class.
She will be our model for today.

Start with a 400 meter run... then, the foam roller -
Roll out the knots.

We always start with Core Integration Sequence.
For all this work - press your lower back into the floor.
All about the core. Tight Abs all the time!
This is the "Dead Bug Pull-Over."  The weight goes down -
Over head. Behind you. Arms straight. Almost to the ground. 
Every thing is to a s-l-o-w count of 4.
10 reps. 10 pound weight. 
Also, we do Planks and Hollow Marches.
My planks are usually a minute or more! 2 or 3 of those.

These are Bridges. But with a resistance band...
CrossFit goes "up" bit -by- bit. It's never the same "easy" twice.
Keep the band stretched open as we do bridges.
All these are done s-l-o-w-l-y. This first part takes about 15 minutes.
Sometimes, we do balance. Sometimes, just yoga-type breathing!

Pole squats. Holding the pole like this 
Keeps you from leaning too far forward, or too far back.
10 of these - with a 3 second "hold" at the bottom.

Strength Training part of the WOD.
There's usually a warm-up, a core sequence, a strength training part,
and a WorkOut Of The Day.

Squats with a bar. Sometimes, we use a kettlebell.
This also keeps you from cheating in squats!
Butt all the way to the box. All good form.
Bad form doesn't count! And Sam, the trainer,
doesn't let us get by with much.
There's maybe 3 or 5 people in our Beginner Class.
Sam says "Good Job!" all the time.
No yelling or macho stuff.....much!

This move is not as easy as it looks!
I call these "Bank Robbers." 
Keep your shoulders, arms, elbows, and hands 
on the wall as they slide up and down.
Real slow and burning like.
About 10 of these. Up - 2-3-4 hold -2 ...  Down -2-3-4!
I myself have to do this one standing up.. for now.

Ring Rows and Bar Knee Pull-ups.
I might do three of these before my grip wears out.
The Ring Rows I can do. We keep leaning farther and farther back.
One day, I suppose we will be flat to the floor!

Overhead press!
They really stress safety here. 
They don't want anyone lifting life a crazy fool.
We practiced this move first with a pvc pipe.

Then, on to the workout of the day - 
"Cindy!" in this case.
5 ring rows +10 push ups + 15 squats.
AMRAP (as many reps as possible) in 15 minutes.
I almost did 4 full sets. Lots of resting. Focus on good form.
No mirrors. No fancy machines.
Just put on some Jams and go - have some fun!
The WOD a good challenge because the workout 
is at the end of the class.  High-fives all around the group!
They say in CrossFit that "Your workout - is our warm up!"

Ah - now the cool-down stretches!
 Class is an hour - twice a week.
Then we cool down as the other class is warming up.

These bands are like an automotive belt! Very strong.

Stretching then turning and stretching.

Ye olde calf stretch. 

The stretch stretch ...Hey Sam -
Your mom says "Hi!"

Thanks, Karen, for posing!
And that's a typical CrossFit Intro/Beginner's class!

Thanks for tagging along!


  1. Thanks to Karen! Great job! She worked it Like A Boss!!!

  2. Thank you this post gives me some ideas of things to do in my home gym!! I love seeing all the different crossfit workouts

  3. I'm exhausted just from reading this and looking at the photos.

  4. Hmm...I'd need to modify some of this because of my hernia. Thanks for posting. I wonder if my local YMCA has something like this. Exercise is a challenge with a hernia (which has been repaired 3 times). :-(

  5. I can't wait to do my first cross fit class... after I get done with this knee-surgery-stuff.... LOOK OUT!

    I have been doing my arms with my ten pound weight and I swear, it's getting lighter! Also, I did a lap with my walker the other day (which turned out to be too hard on my poor, healing knee) and I was taking intermittent breaks by doing squats on it. It was fun! Working out is fun! (Never thought I'd see the day...)

  6. LOVE THIS as I know so so many of us have been super curious.



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