30 November 2023

broken vow and trust

Waited all day for a 
van that never came. 

Eggs and Salad Toppings. 
No Salad. 

How my life feels. 

Interesting. This is in a Walmart 
In an Indian-Pakistan neighborhood. 
I wonder about this Jewish Llama. 

A few years ago, Garland (my hometown 😟)
Had a art contest to draw Muhammad 
(May Peace Be Upon Him) 
Who, in the Quran, 
forbids his followers from 
drawing his likeness. 
I know there was a drive-by shooting 
And a couple of people were killed. 
Who goes to an art show with an AK 47?

When I was sick 2 years ago,
These half moons were all but gone. 
They say that’s from low B12
So Pernicious Anemia 

By the way. 
I have a headache right now 
That is so bad, so fucking bad
I could go to the ER. 
It’s the worst headache I’ve ever had. 

29 November 2023

roar of greasepaint

I’m so excited about today. 
We have a doctors appointment. 
And we’re doing so well..
It’s like well-baby visit! 

Butt Crack of Dawn. 
Zero Dark Thirty 

My closet project 
With all the delay and interruption-
Will be done this week. 

The night nurse said she
 can’t keep doing 5 days (60 hours)
Regardless of how much 
she needs the money. 
Here in the Land of the Free, 
you get FULL retirement at 72. 
So get back up, Baby. 
And do it again. 
So I’ll settle in with my 60 hours +
And just sock it away. 

28 November 2023


How many years no wine 
And such good sleep! 

AI draws a rich happy Nurse. 

General Tso in the Air Fryer 

Also Shrimp

Stupid criminals. 
I don’t like people sometimes. 
The worst of humanity. 

Guess who slept on a pile
Of laundry? And got mad
When I tried to get the 
Stuff out from under him. 

Tuesday and Wednesday 
The night nurse is already plotting 
To call out for Thursday. 
I can not pick up the slack. 

27 November 2023

blog cabin

Be aware. 
Blogger is messed up. 
I write posts but they
Don’t get to the Platform 9 3/4

We now have 3 critters. 
2 birds and one Rug Rat. 
They make a joyful noise!

The delicate balance of 
Kratom, pain, and rest. 

Found my old journal. 
Now it’s been over 2 years! 
A few beers here and then for 
Kidney Stones. But just one
Good German Beer 
with pre and probiotics! 
I like room temperature beers. 

Dr Cate Shanahan MD
And her Keto guide with an occasional 
German Beer. I looked for a link
But can’t find it. 

Work on the house today 
Means the cats are up. 
In the Hair BnB. 
Mozart, munchies, and poop box.  
The slobs didn’t make the bed. 

From the Internet 
Christmas CATctus in bloom!

Ahhhh progress. 
I’m working to understand 
And accept my ego has 
Unlimited need for specialness. 
It’s mind blowing 🤯 
To see the tricks and games 
We try - regression in service of the ego. 
The love of specialness is 
A root of all trouble! 

26 November 2023

black sunday

Mare’s Tails
Mare’s Tails 
A Storm is a comin’ 
The next 48 hours. 

Dirty crappy whore ass 
Bad bad bad part of town
Oh wait. That’s where I live! 
Yikes to to Ike Ike Ike!

But alas. 
The Red Sea must part. 
For us to pass to the Promised Land. 

It all started with a rip-roaring game 
Of Candy Land. 
ADHD kids can’t control it
And soon enough, cards, and 
Kids and game pieces went flying. 
And the evening ended in tears. 

A cool pic as these two passed by. 
Tell National Geographic 
I’m ready for my close-up. 

Mmmmmm Shrimp
Again and again and again. 

Going to be trying a new 
nighttime supplement 
It blocks caffeine 

My God My God