31 August 2012

where I been at

At first, I was all like...

Then, I was all like...

And even a little like...

Then a phase of this...

Disgruntled former co-workers can be hellacious!
My schedule is far too busy for that kind of crap.

So I took it upon myself to be more like...

And now I am all like...

And who know.... maybe even a little of THIS 
is in my future!

27 August 2012

for sale

5 pounds
Gently used
Must go asap

Pick up or delivery
Name your price

All sales confidential!
Contact this person for moar details!
Any serious offer considered

12 August 2012

onward and ... um ... huh?

My downfall... cashews...
I owe alot to some Smart-Ass Paleo Guy on Face Book
who asked the question - WHY did you (not me, just "you" you)
 Go LowCarb in the first place?
Well, cuz restricting carbs is the only way to remove 
the pounds and pounds, and rolls and rolls
of flesh from my sides, back and tummy.
And grains and sugars are probably not that good for us, anyhows.
And since I tend to eat them all till they are gone,
I need to quit bringing nuts home with me (TWSS!) 

I go home now to eat lunch -
In between my two jobs... its good!
It takes just as long to cook as it does to go through 
the line at In-N-Out

Made some bone broth - followed a recipe (here)

Gotta skim the nasty scum from the top... 

Threw a round steak in there, too

Stocking up at the store....
The Zero-Carb group doesn't always buy
GrassFed Beef.... I do when I can

I also love the Gelatin - my nails tend to split
and get soft and bend back - not good!

I should eat at the Beef House!
A little puppy at the shop where I got my oil changed!

Plates an plates of meaty BBQ - hold the sauce

Stress seems to either give me that "gaunt" look
Or it gives me that "puffy" look... flabby...
Today, it's flabby.

Hanging on in there is the hard part sometimes!
I have a feeling it will all work out in the end!

07 August 2012

anytime now, eh?

 Getting some Vitamin D the old fashioned way
Arm out the window... not to self:
Fix the AC ... it's only 120 degrees outside!

The Home Health Olympics....
Cups and Feedings...
I placed gold!

 Got a Victory Lap....
The added pound or so did not take 
toooo much of a toll on me...
I lost it in no time....

This is right before the Low Carb Cruise.....
I gain at the drop of a Kilt...... eh?
Lucky for me I lose fast enough, too...

 Can't stand the Commercialized Dressing....
too salty and tastes like play-dough.... yuk!

Pufa Bird (chicken) and roasted peppers...
I still very much prefer beef!

But for now it's Maalox and Zantac!
The ulcer is gone - for now....
OMG - I don't ever want it back!
I took a bottle of this over the past few days.... lol 

04 August 2012

12 weeks check in

Made a brisket instead of eating out all the time

I am not smart enough to figure out what is wrong with me....
I think my ulcer is back - or maybe the intrinsic factor stuff
I was dealing with last year...
Or maybe the stress of 2 jobs, and LC "junk food"
is finally catching up with me!
You know, wraps, and fast food - no good!
Even some LC tortillas, and all that nasty gluten.
I also started sleeping flat on my back, without a pillow,
And that doesn't help, I am sure. So no pool noodle for a while.

Could also be the massive amounts of Advil,
 Monster drinks, Coffee, and my nightly glass of wine.
It's not even the good stuff... dang.

Check out this rib eye! Wow!
So now, during the hottest time of the year,
I put on a brisket at midnight when I get home from 
job #2 ... and let it cook all night!
And take it with me... instead of protein mix.
Dang - it was just what the doc would have ordered...
Dr Atkins, that is!

Had a visitor the other night - he stayed on the balcony 
all evening and all night. A little gardian, perhaps.

I plan to work 2 jobs all summer.... so far 12 weeks!
I nailed Like a Boss.
But for the next 12 weeks, I want to kinda slow down,
and pay attention to the details.
No use wrecking the health and weight loss progress,
just to get a little ahead in other areas.
Without health, there would be no other areas!

Thanks for keeping on checking on me
During this spartan summer of work!