31 August 2018

none too smart

Boss cooked Chicken Bryanni 
On Spaghetti Squash 
In the Instant Pot 
(Which I told her to get)

5 years ago. 

Working on my morning routine. 
Still do my knee work. 
Now it also involves hip work 
And sciatica work. 
Waiting for the vitamins to kick in. 

I once thought a good goal 
Would include a degree 
And a spacious house
With tons of time for leisure and travel. 

Now, I’m just glad to be in a small space
With some good food and 
People who don’t fight. 

I once thought that being Vocational
In any field was for people 
Who couldn’t get a “real” job. 

Now I understand 
That IS a real job. 

Next up- next big goal-
I want to make yogurt!
Not sure if life is good? 
Or boring?
Or if I’m just practicing my serenity
In a fucking crazy world. 

4700 steps yesterday. 
QOD fasting starts this week!
Alternate Day Fasting for September. 

30 August 2018

29 August 2018

I want my baby back

Gotta get the sun 
Every day. 

Fish for Cats. 

The cats never get as much attention 
As when I’m on standby 
For the baby to come home. 

After cashing in some odd coupons
I’m ready for home cooking 
Exclusively now. 

Did Jugo get his?
Lol. Rotten puns. 

I am also quite good at solitaire. 

And I have over 4000 Facebook friends. 
Which means nothing. 
In real life. 

Except for being 
“That Nurse who lost all the weight!”
Seen here in my new Purple Medium Scrubs. 

Because I guess the regain/ relapse rate
Is kinda scary. 
That’s why I still keep this blog going. 
It might help someone. Somewhere. 

Goodness knows, I’ve had a relapse or two. 
10 or 15 pounds shows up 
On me since I’m so short. 
5’2”. I’m almost a Little Person. 
Not good to be toting around 
All that weight. 
Hey Fatty! 

28 August 2018


Got into a nice conversation 
With the butcher today. 

Nothing to do but cook. 
And eat. 

I spent an hour in the office today. 
Chatting up the recruiters 
Like I always do. 

Oil change and all that Jazz. 

Chatted up the salespeople
And was entertained
By a lively octogenarian 
Who was once a Hollywood actor. 

Watching an old movie 
about revenge and forgiveness. 
“Changing Lanes.”

Have you seen it?
Two guys get into a fight. 
Over a fender bender. 
They both fight their demons 
And come to terms with the situation 
And forgive each other. 

Soooo.....28 years ago 
 - to the day - to the minute - 
My life changed forever. 
Tuesday for Tuesday 
Repeats every 4 years.

I was told I was gregarious. 
I could handle anything. 

Most days - I’m not. 
I’m the opposite of gregarious. 
But today. Just For Today. 

Perhaps I am!

impromptu day off

Pediatric Home Health Nursing
Means you sometimes have
A spontaneous day off
When a kiddie gets sick
And goes to Hospital. 

Goes to THE Hospital, 
if you’re American. 

But look at the traffic. 
Everything is completely shut down. 
I give up on this traffic. 
It makes a difficult situation 
Nearly unbearable. 

War torn Bosnia? 
Yemen? Syria? 
Nope. Downtown Dallas. 

What once was my favorite 
I can now barely stand. 

Sunbathing and covfefe. 

Pretty. Not sure what it is. 
A pretty berry bush 

Not sure this is really even food. 

Time to dump the junk drawer 

And reorganize the junk drawer. 

But first, some bonding.  

Mommy! I love you! 
I’m certain I heard him right.

I slept 12 hours. 
That’s a good night!