30 November 2011

my fish oil

So we know what NOT to get in a Fish Oil.
Now what is left? (link)

I googled Fish Oil, and HAL went crazy over here!
Millions and millions of hits. Like this:

"Top Fish Oil Brands at Livestrong
Zone Labs ............ 200 DHA/400 EPA
Omega 3 Plus .............. no listing of  amounts!
Xtend Life Omega 3 .................. 280 DHA
Nordic Naturals .................. 800 DHA/400 EPA" (link)

Many of these also have a base of soy bean oil.
1,000 mg capsule = 1 gram of carrier/oil...
One gram of soybean oil has about 567 mg of Omega 6.
Some of them have Vitamin E or D added, too.

Fish oil is so HOT right now -
They even charge you to look at the reviews and comparisons!
Incredible. Top Secret Inside Information for sale.
Some are even selling memberships to Fish Oil Clubs.
Not to mention, the pills are like $60 a month - and up!
Man, did I ever pick the wrong career!

$500 a year for your monthly Fish Oil re-up....
AND just look at all the things Fish Oil is said to cure!
Acne, Alzheimers, Bunions, Depression, 
Weight-Loss, Zombie-ism, and many more ailments!

Eh- what can ya, do, eh?

Learn as much as you can about Fish Oil.. for starters.
With OUT for the hype.
Know that small amounts of DHA are no good.
Small amounts of EPA are no good. (link)

In fact, if you want to buy those lesser products,
it might be better to take your money,
and give it to your fave group - for the holidays!

Some people asked me about my own supplements.
Remember - it wasn't that long ago that I lived 
on Monster drinks, and Advil, and Trident gum.
Trident is not really from the Ocean...so it doesn't count!
... a pretty strict - and typical LoCarb diet!
The ONLY requirement was that the carbs were low.
Now, I take my health MUCH more seriously.
Still I'm just learning and evolving here!

I'm still in my long-term weight loss phase.
I take a Multi-vitamin...
Alive! - for now. (link) I'm always trying new ones!
This one is pretty good. 
I also take an SL B-12. (link)
I take vitamin C at night.
And I take my Omega 3.
I have taken Cod Liver Oil... Carlson's.
240 EPA /300 DHA

There are Primal Kits out there (link)
That have 900 EPA/600 DHA

This one is popular with the CrossFit/Paleo 
crowd... but almost too strong for me! (link)
Over 5 grams of EPA/DHA  (triglyceride form.)

Nature Made (Walmart)
660 EPA/500 DHA (link)
[fish burps reported]

Vita Cost Fish Oil (link)
360 EPA/240 DHA
[no fish burps reported]

And by the way - I have no affiliation, or endorsment 
with anyone ...ever... no group or product.
Just so you know. This is all just my own observation.

click my pic!

HOWEVER, the very best way to get more Omega 3's 
in your daily and weekly diet - 
is to eat more Salmon and Oily Fish!!
AND limit the Omega 6's.
You can not take enough Omega 3 to cancel out a bad diet!
Keep all PUFA's down to a dull roar -
for the inflammation caused by the excess Omega 6's!

I love it when we are all able to learn together - 
as we go! What kind /numbers do you take?


  1. My mom and dad took cod liver oil from way back and gave it to us from childhood. I can't take any fish/shellfish or fish or krill oil, can't eat it...so I try to keep my PUFA/N6 down and eat real. Belong to an organic coop. Consider animal flesh, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, and some dairy my food. Like your previous post--real food is the way to go. REAL, fresh, simply prepared, organic ideally, food and healthfully, humanely raised, naturally pastured/raised animal protein. if an animal is happy and healthy...it's super nutritive. :D

    Nitey nite, My Trippy Nutritive Nurse. :D

  2. when I eat fish oil, I burp fishy smell. It's shallow...but I just can't. lol.

  3. Been learning about krill oil recently, and just ordered some.
    Also, I recently read that hemp seeds/hemp oil is supposed to have a perfect balance of 3's and 6's. I haven't had time yet to do more research on that to verify... have you heard about that yet? I'm not sure if that's the answer either. If I didn't already tilt in the direction of too many 6's, it would sound good. I dunno... sometimes my brain gets overloaded trying to learn all this, LOL!

  4. Anne very interesting, I tend to eat quite a bit of canned salmon. take care. thanks for visiting.

  5. I take the nature made (walmart) one....but I'm guilty of not remembering it half the time. I need to work on that!

    When I remember every thing, I take a herbal water pill, a multivitamin and fish oil daily.

    I loved this post. Thanks for the info!

  6. I will be checking some labels this week and getting some supplements but I will also be looking into some fish for dinners this week.

  7. Lately, your posts are like going to school... loving it!


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