30 September 2019

herbs are here

I need to walk more 
And be more tired. 
Too much energy being stored. 
In other words-  weight. 

They fixed the AC 
on the last day of the summer heat. 
It’s a rental. So no money
So what else can you conclude? 

Taking up way too many brain cells. 

I once thought this. 
Now I’ll gladly give it up 
To feel better. 

Ahhh black tea. 

Chaffle at work. 

So good. 
So quick and easy. 
Egg and Cheese. 
As Keto as you can get. 

Carbs fill up your muscles. 
But at a price. 
The exchange rate sucks. 

Lol. Maybe not. 

Here’s to the end 
of a summer of false starts. 
And total defeat. 
Onward now- 
To greener pasturelands. 

29 September 2019

so excited!

Not sure why or how
But this summer 
damn near killed me. 

Too much heat. 
It’s hot from May till October. 

And way too much drama
In real life. 
Finding that Munchausen Nurse. 

Then the family not doing anything about it. 
It’s like an Epic novel 
Where everyone dies. 
What the heck. 

October and it’s just cooling down. 
And people debate climate change. 

I handled the heat better 
when I didn’t eat carbs. 
Atkins says once you’ve lost,
Start adding back carbs
Till you reach your set point. 
Then maintain. 

In that sense, I failed. 
Every time I tried to add back. 
Probably because I went from
Ketogenic (losing weight)
To Glycemic (adding back carbs). 

I guess Atkins was so far ahead of his time, he did t want to push a pure Ketogenic Lifestyle. 
It’s bad enough he had to testify for Congress that fat people shouldn’t eat pie. 

I was very peaceful about all this 
Mess of Life / 
Yesterday at work. 
I’ve graduated from preschool 
To first grade in Zen Acceptance. 

Keto before the fasting starts. 
$3 for 3 sausage biscuits. 

Low Carb is simple. 
But it’s not easy. 
Especially the first 3 days. 

The Case of the Disappeating 
Sugar Free Jelly! 

For some reason, I’ve lost like 
3 jars of jelly this week. 
Every time I buy it,
I don’t get home with it. 

Things that make you go 

Water and water and interstellar blends. 
I have been using the Autophagy blend. 

I’m now 100% off wine, 
100% off coffee
And today I transition 
from Low Carb to Keto. 

I tried doing everything at once -
Cold turkey. 
But that only works if you’re stranded 
In the Grand Canyon for a week.

Well poo. This is out. 
I wonder if the recall effects Glaxco 
- Or all the Zantac-
Generic and not- 

Well. I hadn’t planned to take
Any more. Even before I found out
About my ulcers. 

I was never tested for H Pylori. 
Also it could be a Hiatal Hernia. 

Either way, the cure is the same. 
Snake Juice
And Dry Fasting
Starts tomorrow! 

I see the doctor tomorrow. 
She’s Muslim. 
So she understands fasting. 

I go in early to give the mom a break 
So she won’t have to wake up 
To sign the night nurse out. 

28 September 2019

cloudy day

Sleeping weather? 
It’s like 80° here with high humidity. 
But- It’s like 55° in Portland, Maine. 

Come on and rain. 
Almost October- 
And it’s still 100° in the day. 

My guts! 

I like seeing the visceral area. 
I’m sure it looked worse 
10 years ago! 

A CT scan makes over 400 images. 
That’s a whole bunch of xrays. 
I think I might glow in the dark. 

Generic Zantac
 is being taken off the market. 
Some impurity. 
I never take generic anything. 
If I can help it. 
I learned that from the Army. 
As cheap as they are, 
They don’t buy generic meds.
They’re not mixed well,
And they are often impure. 

But I do take real Zantac. 
I bought a few bottles since the Baby died. 
But I haven’t taken it for weeks. 

I’m did my steps and stayed true 
to my  “no cream” pledge. 
Which means no coffee. 
I can’t do black coffee. 

Trying to get a picture of my eye. 
So my friend RonRon Rhonda
Can read my iris. 
Such drama!
It looks like a movie poster 
For a Women’s Prison Fight Club 

My eyes change color. 
The more meat I eat-
They’re almost blue. 
And when I’m mad- 
They’re firey green.!

My Dear Mother used to say
 If my eyes were green-
She’d back off for a few hours. 

27 September 2019

labs, fall 2019

ct scan

I guess if you get tired enough 
You sleep. 

Walked in to this. 
No gloves on the house at all 

Lorenzo’s Oil. 
Life changing. 

Reuben Chaffle. 
Added Brown Mustard to the Chaffle. 
Sauerkraut, Pastrami, 1000 iIsland. 
Swiss Cheese. 

This looks like a movie about Africa 
Or something. Sub Station. 

Nice little town. 
Went to pick up a serger there. 
I love Marketplace. 

Put it all behind ya
And drive on. 

Stuck in traffic 90 minutes. 
Might as well eat. 

So my CT Scan came back.
No kidney stones! 
But I do have an ulcer. 
Which I already knew. 

Time to heal.