31 March 2022

nurse day

Broke my fast. 
Keto Salad. 
Eggs, Cheese, Dressing. 

In the most yummy way. 

Grabbed this. 
Scheduled to work 90 hours. 
At the last minute, they found a nurse! 

Lol had to charge the 
Apple Watch 

A year ago this day I was sick 
and almost died. 
Well, I did the hard work
To make the changes. 
And reverse the trend of 
Slipping down to sickness. 

And earned my bragging rights. 
I turned it around and did better. 
Didn’t turn back time
Or stop the world. 
But I got back completely on track. 
And even better. 

I’m ready to execute my first 
Stock Options Trade. 
I had to be interviewed 
To see if I have enough knowledge 
To trade options. 
Turns out I do. I was approved instantly. 
On the first level. Tier 1. 

Options are neat. 
You buy things with leverage. 
Or sell. 
So you can gain the right to buy
A stock at a certain price. 
Options are like futures. 
You’re trying to buy a stock 
At a better price - at a later time. 
Now that my company stock 
Is in free-fall…
I’m going to sell the option for someone 
To buy it all back from me- 
Once the price starts to go back up. 
We’ll see if my strategy is 
“Cap” or no! 
I only have enough for one option. 
That’s 100 shares. 

I also sold my first BitCoin. 
(Partial share.) I made $26 in a few days. 
Now I’ve done all the basics. 
Bough. Sold. Bought on limit. 
No glitches. 
Thank goodness for YouTube. 
You can learn almost anything there. 

30 March 2022

stock crash

Dead Horse?
Shock it back to life. 

Everyone bailed. 
How could a healthcare company 
NOT make money in a pandemic? 

We made headlines yesterday. 

Corporate put together a 
Lovely, inclusive video

5 years. 
They bought PSA. 
They bought EPIC. 
They tried to buy Maxim. 
They’re everyone’s darling. 
Some 50,000 nurses. 

Right now, being a Nurse
In a Global Pandemic 
is like being on a low fat diet. 
Crappy food choices and shitty blood work. 
And you’re ready to live off the 
“Fat Of The Land”!

I am done metaphorically
-I would never be low fat- 
with a so-called life filled with 
low-fat cheese products, 
rice cakes,
steamed chicken breast,
Steamed broccoli, 
So-called heart healthy grains, 
Cheerios with skim milk and
 I Cant Believe It’s Not Butter.  

If I can do THIS
And have the discipline 
To stay with it…

And if I can read THIS…
At a glance and know what it going on…

Then I can certainly learn how to read THIS! 
I’m teaching myself stocks, trading,
Options, BitCoin, and Investing. 
Let’s just see where it goes?

I taught myself wound care,
Home Health, Pediatrics, 
And Hospice. 

There’s a lot of talk about 
Nurses Being Heroes. 
But lots of talk. Not much else. 
I asked for a raise - a quarter-
And was told they couldn’t afford it. 
So I make all the overtime I can. 

The Nursing Shortage 
Is squeezing the life
Out of Nursing. Again. 
The first mass exodus I went through 
Was during the AIDS Pandemic. 
People were scared shitless. 
I wasn’t. I embraced it. 
That’s in 1990 - when I first started. 

This time… something is different. 
I’m older. Maybe wiser? 

I’m certainly NOT a math whiz. 
You don’t have to be for nursing. 
And you don’t have to be for investing. 

What if this could be more than a hobby? 
More than an IRA? 
(With 2% matching funds!) 
(Which I just got this year, by the way!)
Hmmmm… it would be great! 
It could even be done on vacation. 
Or even a super long vacation! 
Or a semi-permanent vacation. 

Something to think about! 
When you get mad enough, 
It might be time for a change. 

crazy daze

All these Nurse Memes are true. 

Day? Night? 
Not sure. 

No walk today. 
Extra hour sleep. 

My goodness. 
This is awkward. 
$425 down in one day. 

If you’re going to be an investor,
You have to take the bad with the good. 
This is company stock. 
It’s in the ESPP program. 
You have to pay for it with 
Weekly deductions from your check. 
You can’t sell it. You’re stuck with it. 
It ultimately dropped to around $3 90. 
So guess what? 
I bought more! 

When you go to the store,
And peanut butter is on sale-
You buy an extra jar! 
No need to fret. 
Donna Fash, wee one! 
Nerves of steel. “lol”

One nurse is on vacation. 
One nurse is on family leave. 
The night nurse was going on vacation 
When the first one got back. 
Well- I think she went ahead on 
And left. We have no night nurse. 
So I cancelled my Hemp Convention 
And my Dexa Scan. 
So I can work. 
The only thing that is keeping me going
Is that the overtime will buy 
You guessed ..

28 March 2022

rare dai off well done



I would live on CBD street 

From a few years ago. 

A plate of Brown E’s 

It’s everywhere 

Jumped up on an hour! 

Made Chaffles with 
Cream Cheese and Eggs. 

Chaffles with Egg and Cheese
16 - this is awesome! 
That brown area is Cinnamon. 


Some obviously didn’t make it. 

Some made it beautifully. 

Getting some Jack Kruz.