28 September 2015


National Geographic Pic

My Pic
Yep - Close Enough

Still fun, though!

20 September 2015

dressing for dinner

The occasional PUFA Bird

Dang - what a waste

Better go get some more -
2 pounds of Amish Butter

Co-worker brought me some Bacon 

Peanut Butter in the Library

Flying Dutchman
But suddenly I am not digging the Cheese

A Day In The Life

19 September 2015

sky lab

Do you see a wee little rainbow over DownTown Dallas?

Do you know what this is?

Extra points if you do - but you can't vote
If you are from Texas
Why - oh why - was the Supreme Court ruling
About 40 years too late?

Nurse's Stethoscope 

Don't ask me - 
I was shocked, too!

13 September 2015

the wild bunch

Good old Garland High School

End of Summer Blow Out

The house that got away

Miss Pat came to help me clean up

Pulled Pork and Chopped Brisket

Now I have a place to work on my two new computers!
I am looking forward to new things 
In every area of my life.

11 September 2015

american woman

Can't take me anywhere

They eat horses, don't they?

The best way to make one trip...
Use a thingy

Lunch no bun

Computers are this thing that people use to get data from one place to another.
Nurses are just now using them.

After buying my own glasses every year os so,
I just found out I have insurance.
So I am shopping till I am dropping!

Thank you to the person who smashed my truck in the night...
Uninsured motorist helps me
More that it will ever help you.... lol!

Please no more guy food

Unless it is THIS kind of guy food!

Complete with mineral water 

A beautiful night was had by all.... 
Finally a break in the weather!