31 January 2011

second job

Not really - I don't take Metformin...
probably should have back in the day, though....

The little tree that could is already showing buds for Spring.
How can that be? This picture is from yesterday....
it's rainy today! Blizzard on the way.

Around town


That's a pretty big gap under my front door....

No wonder it was cold in here.
Better fix it up! Brrrrr!!!

Tuna salad - with pork rinds for croutons
and mozzarella cheese...

I started my second job today!
It was very good!
It just fell into my lap.
And worked out great!

Hope your day is full of
 good things, good times, good people!

thanks, Shannon!

Blog Award time!
Thanks, Shannon!

Here's the copy and paste:
List 5 goals that you have/had while on your lap band journey. 
Comment on each blog you nominate and list your top 3 nominees for the award. 

And here are 5 of my goals:

1. Remain sane 

2. Remain nice

1a. 2a. By that I mean not kill myself  or anyone else!
So far, so good on that one!

3. I never set a goal weight, or had a starting weight.
My goal was just to "do" LoCarb and see where it took me.

3a. I didn't really have a procedure... Just LoCarb!

4. Get in better shape - for a woman "my age!"

5. I am approaching the 2 year mark on 
my weight-loss journey! I reached my weight loss "goal"
in May 2010, of 138 pounds. (Army weight)
And hovered in and around that 140 range ever since.
Now my goal is to lose "that final 10 pounds."
And to continue to lose here and there,
and firm and tone my body. 
All in the name of health.

And continue to incorporate healthy LoCarb eating
and an Active Lifestyle - every day!

No numbers, no time goals....
Pretty general, actually.
But effective. At least for me!

Do you want to know something?
I don't do so good with blog awards.
Here's why!
 I want to nominate everyone!

There is no way I can pick just 3 good bloggers.
But, Shannon, I will try!

Spunky Suzi




See, I told you I was bad at this sort of thing!
These people are some of the original group,
from like 20 months ago....
 I talk to these bloggers more than 
I talk to "real" people.
Cuz you are real to me..... all of you.....
There are so many people I think about 
during the day, and cherish with all my heart.

And there are so many many more!
Thanks for all the Love and support 
you have shown me over the past months...
I means the world to me.
And I would not have been 
"OK" without you - bloggers here to save me
from rancidly destroying myself -
Many many of you checked on me every day
through what was (without a doubt) one of 
most difficult and darkest time of my life. But also the most fun
I have ever had. Ever! Fun and laughs, and quintessential
puppies and kitties. Still waiting for the unicorns to show.

Thanks for your comments, calls, emails and even visits!
Through "thick" and "thin!"

Anne H - Yours Truly - Carb Tripper

30 January 2011

guilty conscience

Meet Phatty...
50 years old -
Fed up with life and the weigh things are going,
She decides to visit a donut store.
Butt, on her weigh-in, she has a sudden change of heart...
And suddenly, her conscience comes out to play.

Allright - stop!
Now before you walk in the door to this donut store
and put some powder in your drawers
you better think of the consequences....

Who the F (as in Fat) are you?

I'm your mother freaking conscious, that's who


That's non-sense!
Go in and grapple the snapple,
And run to the back of your closet
and get out a dress that's ample.
And one of the blonde wigs
like one of the 3 pigs.
Go to the drive through, and take it back to where you stay.
You'll be sick for days, if you binge that way - 

Yeah, but if it all goes through like it's supposed to
The whole Blogland knows you and they'll expose you!
Think about it before you walk in the door first
Look at the donuts - they are older than George Burns!

Eff that! Do that sh!t Eat that b!tch!
Can you afford to blow that sh!t? Aren't they that rich?
Do you give a frock if the donuts are fried?
Ain't life a binge? And a bitch?
And then ya die?!

Man don't do it- it's not worth it to risk it!
Not over this shit! Drop the biscuit! (or donut!)
Don't even listen to "Slim" yo - he's bad for you
You know what? I don't like your fattitude!

These voices - these voices - I hear them - 
and when they talk I follow......

...With all the usual apologies and fontleroy...
Since this is, after all, a parody of Eminem's rap song 
"Guilty Conscience"

Hit play and follow and sing along!

Eminem and Dr Dre
Guilty Conscious

29 January 2011

blues skies in dallas

The Funeral Family keeps watch at the entrance of the cemetery

Greeting the Dead and the Living

A mild day for homeless people who live in a car in the park

Shirtsleeve weather - really nice!

A great day for fried chicken

I had two of these - but no skin and batter...

This lovely creature got the skin

After I got a (reluctant) kiss-ee-poo

Enjoy the weather while ya can -

Hope your day is happy and healthy for you!
In the mind and the mindful...

flowers for you

How sweet - flowers for you

Maybe some Dr Pepper or Jack Daniels BBQ sauce -
That is also very sweet!

Some fire wood - mostly for fun here in North Texas

Home of the best sf fro yo, and 
the nicest guys in the world!
(They use "Wow Cow" brand - link)

Great flavors, and low net carbs.
For me, no cravings!

Which makes me *smile*

Been thinking about getting a second job....
I love my job, but it's just 3 days a week.

The rest of the week, I just sit at home and eat cottage cheese.
Which is too bad, because I don't even have a cottage.

These ladies at the mall have the right idea.....
Eat less, move more, and breathe.
Always breathe.

That's the news from Texas

Hope your weekend is shaping up -
to be shaping up!

28 January 2011

it's for you

Hello? Zat you?

Yeah, Old Girl. Zup?
Phone Tag. You are "It."
Call me!

Really? Yes, really!

Office lunches - this one is pretty carb-o-lishous!

Miss J wonders what is in Taco Bell tacos

Kyle just keeps eating them....

Someone, somewhere collects these!

My other boss eats SuperBowl Cake all day
Not really - these are for clients!

Make mine sugar-free Fro Yo from
Sugarless deLite (link)
Are they the nicest guys in the world?
I think so!

I asked for the "Wash N' Stay" 
but these guys said NO.
It's only "Wash N' Go."
So, scram already!

Jack says to Chill Out!
So chill, baby!

Hope you are having a great night!
Got any big plans for the weekend?
Do tell!

tom thumb

New Eye Brow Job!
In case anyone is interested.
(Since a couple of people asked.)
No longer "wild," as the lady said.

Mediums are falling off of me. 
Literally. Almost time
for Small.


This coffee is from Brazil... Add boiling water 
and brew for a few minutes, then filter.

Brew ha-ha coffee!
Just love it with Heavy Whipping Cream!
Still at one (strong) cup a day - then decaff
More like a mug, if ya ask me.

Still, not like it was!
It can't ever be like it was.
My nervous system can't take it!

A bag of salad.
I eat a salad or some green thing almost every day.

The guacamole is not from a mix.
(That would be an insult to avocados)
But rather, from a bag....
They don't have any preservatives etc. at all!
Some brands don't have hardly any avocado in them
at all! But some are very good. 
Wholly Guacamole is good. (link)
(Since a couple of people from yesterday asked!)

It's easier to find in the bleak, cold Winter.

Tom Thumb is a store is the DFW area...
Kinda fancy with cute little shopping carts.

Old-style DP
as they call it here

Valentines Day is fast approaching!

What monkey on my back?
I don't have a monkey on my back.
Oh - that monkey on my back!

The Super Bowl is also near.
All the stores are selling "guy food" and sports foods
like crazy.... good time for LoCarb shopping!

Driving home into the sunset...
Long day at work with lots of
emotion, and difficult decisions -
that I didn't want to make....
Came home and went to bed right away!

Hope your day is every good thing!