31 August 2010

small town justice

Even the sky is bigger in Texas
(Cue the Simpson's music)

Made myself wear clothes that *yikes* touch me.
Even stripes. Medium pants are almost too big.

Feel like a convict, or a sailor, one.
Two old friends walked right past me.... again....
Didn't recognize me!

Took the day off to pay my ticket.
The town I got a ticket in is so small,
they don't have online accommodations.

Didn't stop. Tempting - but no 

Not the courthouse

Not the courthouse, either!

Soooo close

Probably the courthouse

The small town on the way to the small town courthouse

This just in: Pork Rind HQ. And Beef Jerky. Nuts.

Oh, so typical small-town life

Gone With The Wind!

30 August 2010

dancing through life

Went to Belly Dancing class.
Part of an 8 week series.
 These are Jazz Ballet shoes.

Going through some motions.

The previous class is more advanced. 

They have all kinds of drop-in classes....
I get a comp class for the one I missed.
I might try Nia  (link) Have you heard of it?
It's like a free-form dance/yoga/martial arts.
One local Nia instructor also offers Dervish classes!
YouTube Video
Nia Dance

I'm by far the oldest one in the group. 
Everyone else is like omg in college and it's like rush week!
We are putting together a dance number 
that is choreographed to this Music.

YouTube Video
Arabian Nights 
by Hossam Ramzy
YouTube Video
Slow Belly Dancing 
It's fun to just move around for the length
of the song! My moves are more like a robot,
than a belly dancer. Must be the Army training.
I love the music and heard alot of it 
during the first Desert Storm.
I ended my "fat fast" tonight.
Modified a wee little bit.
This is my second fat fast.
The infamous Keckwick diet!
Atkins recommends it as a "jump-start" technique.
5 days total - it went well.

My 32 (men's) pants are a little snug.
But the 34's are falling off. Go figure!
(Much better than 48, at any rate!)
All in good time, my pretty - all in good time....

Hope you are doing wickedly well 
And having an awesome week!
Trying anything new lately?

scarf face

She'll scarf down anything to feed her face!
Say "goodbye" to my little  friend!

You got the money? 
Sure, you got the stuff?
Bring the stuff!
No, no. First the money, then the stuff....


That's pretty good stuff, Tootsie.
You're on a roll. Smoking!
Better hide it from the neighbors.
They might think it's a bake sale.
Smells like someone's baking a chocolate cake!

Yo - these better not be cut with no nuts - got it?
I want chocolate. Pure and unadulterated.
Grams and grams of chocolate.
Win the "Grammy" awards. Gimmie the grammy!

What other stuff you got?
Bring the stuff! Yay!

Don't mess with me. You mess with me, you messing with the best!

Bring more stuff! Very thirsty here.

Coca Cola Red Label. Classic Stuff.
C-O-L-A cola.....Lolo lolo Lola
What you lookin' at?
You need people like me.
You need people like me so you can point your skinny fingers 
and say "That's the fatty!"
... Me - I don't have that problem.
Me - I always tell the truth. Even when I lie.

So say good night to the fatty. Come on!
The last time you gonna see a fatty like this again, let me tell you.
Make way for the fatty!
Fatty coming through! Better get outta the way!

Nothing exceeds like excess!

With all the usual fontleroy and apologies to .....well, you know.

29 August 2010

correction - not punishment

Many people ask how I take my pics for my blog.
(Ok. A couple of people have asked.)
Especially the driving ones.
It's all in the editing.
Like anything else.

As a blog friend once said,
"How do you create a statue of an elephant?
You trim away all the parts that don't look like an elephant."
Most of my pics start out as a lop-sided blob of potential.
Kind of like my own weight-loss journey.

"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."
~ Michelangelo

Most of my pics don't even have the benefit of aim!
I always strive for safety. Sometimes I drive around the block 
to get an especially cool shot. Time and traffic permitting.

I don't photoshop pictures, except for maybe 
a slight adjustment in contrast or exposure.
But I don't change the HTML or
make one picture look heavier or skinnier.
I don't have those kind of skills, besides!

That's all actual.
I actually couldn't get out of the bathtub without getting on all fours.
Actually picking a metal chair 'cuz a plastic chair might break.
Actually not wanting to fly 'cuz the seat belt won't latch.

Some of these "before and after" shots are pngs or screen shots.
(Mac command is command shift 4 )
Or you can make a montage in photobucket. (link)
Regular photobucket is free. 
I use the "pro" edition for the extra features.
It's maybe a couple of bux a month. (link)

These are pictures and screen shots, done on my MacBook.
A Mac is good because it will intuitively learn you.
And there are almost no viruses on a Mac.
Still, I use Clam X to keep the machine from 
even carrying a virus to someone else.

Recently, I did have a funky program downloaded.
 But I called Apple 
at 1 800 MY- APPLE (link)
and they talked me through a fix.
Some dumb non-Mac program was wrecking havoc!
Boo! But it's all better now! Yay!
Have a great Sunday!
Get lots of rest to
start the new week!

28 August 2010

little quilts and gravatars

....OK ....
It happens to all of us, from time to time.
You go to a site, 
(wordpress has this)
and you type a comment....

But a little gray person, or a quilt comes up,
instead of your sweet face or lovely icon!

"What's up with that, Nurse Anne?"
You query. Well....

That is maybe because the site uses a  "gravatar."
That's a link, by the way. (A different color is often a link.)

You can set up your own free account!
So now you know how to get your cute face added
to the millions of happy, peppy people's comment icons!

It won't change the blogger/blogspot icon.
Just for when you go to other formats.
And don't forget to clear your cache!
Or you won't see the update!

PS- I am no more a computer person than I am a diet expert.
I am just a fatty, sharing info with like-minded phatty people
who just might want to know! Lovingly 
sharing as it was once shared with me.

But if you want some good advice, I have that too:

Don't eat shirts!
And oh - the carbs - 
Especially if they have heavy starch!


Meet Annie -  a cute little hottie dog 2 doors down
"Get a Long, Little, Doggie!"

Showing off with Smart Water! And what happens next.
Spilled it all over my self! Guess I ironed these scrubs for nothing!
So hot outside, it dried in just a few minutes!

Traffic signs - I got.
Problem is, I can't read "life" signs - I think they don't apply to me.
Or magic freaking unicorns will give me a re-do.
Which isn't logical or even true.

Sam's - your friendly, neighborhood, LoCarb Headquarters.
Just walk on past the "I candy!"

What I did get:
A couple of good things to have for the weekend:
☑Ready-made pot roast, ☑salad from a bag, ☑chicken from a can,
and ☑green beans, also looking smashing in a can.
Now appearing in a "la cart" near you.

What I didn't get:
☒Atkins bars. Didn't even go down the aisle. 
So try to imagine a picture of a box here.
 ☒Cashews, nuts or ☒German beer.
Forsworn nuts and fast food, at least until after the holidays.
September, October, November and December.
17 weeks - in dog years.
Maybe now and again - as a garnish - not as a mainstay, or meal.
They are a maintenence tool - not a weight-loss tool (for me.)
And drinking makes me blog like a fool.
Bah! ....so that's out, too.
Plus, who needs it! I didn't drink before.
I can easily go back to not drinking again. 

Free samples, anyone?
This guy asked if I wanted a "nutritional bar."
I said "No thanks, I'm on a diet."
My standard answer. Just came out of me. Habit, I guess.
He emphasised "But they are nutritional!"
Well, there ya go, then. It's soooo easy to be fooled by hunger!

Meet Aundre
THIS guy has lost like a whole bunch o' weight, as well!

Pretty tired right now.... taking (another) day off.
A week's worth of hard-core "back to basics"
took off some of the weight, and most of the water
that I put on last week. *sigh*
Live and learn. Now that I've been around that block,
I don't care to repeat it anytime soon!
The White Stripes
YouTube Video
Hope your weekend is "shaping up" to be a good one!