25 June 2014

status quote

This meat only diet is great for me

Sherri and I went to a DCI simulcast

Lots of good stuff

It's kinda like band - but it's Drum And Bugle Corps!
Phantom Regiment here - from a DCI blog!

Off to pee in a little cup for a new job
Same case - different company -

Rainy here - I love it so

Lots of nuts everywhere - 

Got a load of meat from my fave butcher shop

This is from about the time at the cabin - mid April
To now.... When i really started back with no cheating - about 2 weeks!
I have lost 12 pounds (after I gained 20)and counting.
Stopping the drinking of the Wine
Helped more than anything.

Nothing like getting back on track when you wonder off

22 June 2014

status quo

No cussing in school

Jesus Spokes Person

I like this meme

So - it's like 6 steps to the laundry

Shirley, I can do that!

Same with the gym.
And don't call me Shirley

Good dinners and Safe Snacks continue

Work is much better

Now that I don't drink wine, I have all kinds of time 
To clean and blog and walk and get things done!

Packing Lunches

Stealing ideas all over town -
This is a keeper

Victory Over This Guy
Who still very much looks like he wants to come back in!

21 June 2014

inigo montoya and my high school reunion

Ah - yes -
Ye Olde High School Re-Union

First, a Selfie

A Seflie by the Wait Person -
Thanks, Liberty Burger Person!

Lamb Burger 


Split - as always
And no buns, thanks

Sherri said it was the worst thing ever
And not to have one

Rest Room

I wore my favorite name tag -
My Name Is
"Inigo Montoya"

And I went around shaking hands, and telling people 
"You killed my father.
Prepare to die."

But, sadly, no one got me.
One lady even said
"Well.... um.... Inigo,
I am sorry about your dad, but..."

Ah, well.....
Her response must have been  addled
From years of eating a Low Fat Diet
And having all those nasty Omega 6's in her diet!

Some of these people I knew when I started HS
When I was only 12! lol
No wonder they thought I was a goof ball...

A rare cross between a Nerd,
A Band Person, and a Self-Proclaimed Goofball!
That about sums me up!

So we did what any Foodies would have done -
We said our goodbyes and snuck off -
To Sprouts to get some Fancy Cheese and Salami 
And stuff you can't find in the regular Stores.

I accomplished my weight loss goal of losing 10 pounds
Of pure fluff - before the reunion.
My re-re-re (re-re) Induction continues.
It's great when you do it right and make it fun and easy.

Onward and Downward!

19 June 2014

high school reunion

Ah yes - 
I graduated in 1978
Lived right down the street from the high school....
And all these years no one could find me...
Guess they didn't look!
I guess to be fair- I was out traipsing around the world 
In the Army and stuff...

So now they are having a re-union
For the combined classes -
A real get-together!

Thanks, Wikipedia, for showing us that 
Some things never change!

And Guess what the #1 concern is??
You probably already know -

Everyone is concerned with how they look!
(pic from PSGM)
Of COURSE they are!

I was the lead in the HS musical

And Sherri was Valedictorian

When I was in high school
I thought I was so heavy with my (men's) size 28 pants!

So all week long, its 70's music
If you have FaceBook, check this out!
You can thank me later!

17 June 2014

and the beat goes on

Oopsie Rolls from the best blogger in the world
Jamie! (link)

I use Cocktail Shrimp
So they are already cooked - Just sauté
Or fry - if you are a Texan

Roasted Veggies -
Soooo easy - add any Veggie you like -
This is Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, and Tomatoes 
Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and Spices -
Cook at 350 or so for 30 minutes... as you like it

Dinner with Sherri

Blackened - not Burned 


The idea is that "you" can cook a meal 
With different kinds of meat - or fish

This one hates Salmon - That one hates Chicken
No worries - and hassle - just put them a ll in the oven 
With equal ease.

Still doing induction and averaging about a pound 
Every other day now -
The red shirt is around Easter .... helping with Easter Dinner... 
THIS is the picture that are me realize I had really gained!
That is what 20 pounds of re-gain looks like on a 5'2" frame.
A little loss in the battle of the bulges.
And the black shirt is me as of this week
But I don't fret it because I have the tool box -
And this is how far I've come in total!
It's good to be able to look back at that and say -