22 November 2011

guy food

Ya gotta love this time of year....
When else do ya get all the good LC things
Like pork rinds, smokie sausages, and cheese trays?

Nuts to nuts - too many Omega 6 for me, thanks!

Call me Ischial Tuberosity

Coconut milk without any gums or thickeners!

Single serving wine

Ride forever

Tail gate-way food...
might turn ya into a LC fiend!
(But, a happy one)

Unicorn Planet!
Got any seasonal faves?

Hope your day is great!


  1. Cheese balls with nuts was a fave of mine...
    Maybe just during this time of year!

  2. What do you substitute for crackers when you serve/eat your cheese balls? I love the cheese and meat gift baskets. They are a favorite of mine.

  3. Mmm... pork rinds would work nicely!
    I sometimes just cut /cube them up and eat them as is!

  4. I love cheese balls. We usually get s couple whem we celebrate New Years at home. I love them witb beef summer sausage and Breton crackers.

  5. ...ginger turkey mince balls, spiced apple cider with extra cloves, trifle with custard...walkers shortbread and christmas pudding...


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