31 August 2021

loud morning call

Don’t ya hate it when people
Feign ignorance? 
I get this at work. 
And other places. 
They act like they don’t know how to do something 
So they get by forever. 

Above The Battleground 
Just supposed to watch it all. 
And not react. 
Right now, I tend to react with 
Wild disbelief. Jaw dropping amazement. 

Burned up burgers. 
And the beef soup I made 
Had mold in it. 
Total loss yesterday. 
Loss Loss! 

Poblano Pepper and Cheese
Little Hatch Chili Pepper Bites 

My Wheat Belly yogurt and berries 

No mommy! 

Hmmmmm what!?

Must be PUFA
If it’s not all saturated fats.  
Bet it’s not MUFA. 

Spent all day singing Wicked. 
Like ALL day. 
You know I never get tired of it. 
It’s a joy to sing sing sing. 

30 August 2021

wicked day off

I vape CBD at night
And take CBN for sleep. 
I lied. It’s not a vape. 
Actually it’s a flower. 
Perfectly legal. 
But I can’t put a picture 
Because it looks like 
It’s cousin MJ. 
But it’s just hemp. 

This app allows for a day off. 
Good thing. 
The nurse that I trained 
Quit. No notice. 
So I’m back to 6 days. 

Getting better. 

This cat is deaf. 
He can’t hear. 
We have a menagerie 
Of Special Needs cats.  

We have a 4th cat. 
His name is Clawed (Claud) Le FurBall. 

Current events. 

Always construction. 
Every day since- 
Well- since forever. 

Over an hour of traffic
With construction. 

I put on a movie and just listened. 

THIS movie. 
Once was my favorite. 
I thought I was soooooo
But alas. 
I was just a jerk. 
More so- confounded. 

Day off. 
Living in a house 
with professional musicians 
Is always a riot. 
Especially Broadway Musicians. 
One day, a guy from Hamilton. 
One day later, a chick from Wicked. 
Or Jesus Christ Super Star. 
Or Evita. 
They all still practice. 
And I get to listen! 
Imagine me- prancing and traipsing 
And swanning about -
Singing my most favorite-est songs. 
Life is goodness! 

29 August 2021

man who ate an airplane!

From Wikipedia 
The man who ate things!
Like I’m doing this week. 

My mother told a story about a 
World War 2 Soldier
Who ate a Jeep. 
Then pooped it out 
And put it together again. 
Maybe that was a 
M*A*S*H episode! 
Anyways. I think this guy
Is the real deal guy. 

diner en gris

Dinner In White 
Where people get together at a secret location 
Everyone wears white-
All tablecloths and plates are white
They meet for an evening picnic ! 

Well- I’m having Dinner in Grey. 
50 shades of it. 
Anything I want. 
A handful  of candy. 
It was yuck 
A cookie. A pretzel. 

Not sure but I think these are 
Fruity Pebbles. 
And they were on the floor. 
Ate em anyways. 

Yuk. I can’t believe I once loved them. 
I can’t imagine how I ever ate them. 
My mouth broke out
And I got a little sick.
Plus - I gained 4 pounds 
Overnight. Not fair! 

He tries to comfort me. 
By I’m inconsolable. 

Hot coffee. 
All things that tear up a stomach. 
Now I cant say I never had a chance 
To try them. Lol 
All these years low carb. 
I didn’t even crave them. 
I wanted to see how my blood glucose
Would behave. It was OK. 
But the bellyache! 
OMG pure junk. 

28 August 2021

taco hell

I’m not in the “just one bite” group. 
I’m on the group that says 
“One is not enough
And a thousand is not enough either!”
In other words- I’m a fiend. 
A lecherous fiend. 
Just like everyone else. 

I had some Taco Bell Cinnabon Delights. 
Hey- why not! 
I even burned my wee tongue 
Shoving them in my mouth 
As they were boiling hot- having been fried 
With Industrial Oils. Etc. 

So I was sick as FUCK
All night. Threw up. 
And bam! More blood! 
Just after I was cleared. 
In other words-
I tore myself a new asshole. 

Even Mr Snuggles didn’t want to cuddle last night. 

If we can’t learn from memes-
Can we even ever learn at all? 

Knowing and doing are 2 different things
When you’re a Dumb Ass like me. 
I say this lovingly. Lol. 

Elaines plate is much prettier. 

My beautiful city. 
I took off early
To get some extra sleep. 
And ended up not having access to it. 

I was planning to eat Taco Bell treats 
Yesterday. But a SWAT team 
was in the drive through 
Busting some dude. 
Should have been my hint
To drive on by. 

I have a friend who once ate 
whole jar of  Peter Pan Peanut Butter. 
She said she was sick for 2 days
And could barely move her hands. 
Such inflammation! 
It’s literally the definition of insanity. 

Food for Thought.