29 June 2024

new shoes day

The toilet is broken. 
The washer is broken. 
Someone put 6 loads of laundry
In the washer. And it damaged the drum. 
Off center. Like my life. 
Life out of Balance. 

Pete and I went to a 
Restaurant Supply store 
For fun. Cheap date. lol. 

Sahara Sand Storms in Texas

Body shot 

Head shot 

26 June 2024


Found a June Bug shell
All the kids loved it 

All the filters 
All the fun! 
The countdown is on! 
Like Donkey Kong 

25 June 2024


Day 2 of the Hostage Crisis 

This is Anne’s Blog
But I am Anne’s alter ego. 
And I’ve taken over.  
I need a name. 
Fat Fadey ??
Fat Lady? 

I shouldn’t joke but
That’s exactly what it feels like. 

Slept good knowing it’s almost over 

A little dip. 
I’m terribly stressed 

Ironic that the HRV is up. 
That’s good. 

Gardening good 

I will find my former self. 
If it takes all day. 
All week. 
The natural course of my life. 

The massive amount of cortisol 
I have from stress 
Is being knocked down 
By the massive amount of carbs 
I’ve been eating. 
100 grams a day
And I’m losing.  
It’s stupid crazy. 

And guess what. I ate 2 donuts! 
Insulin is up because blood glucose is down. 
Metabolic Flexibility achieved!!

Came home last night to find the 
Washer was “broken” 🤷‍♀️ 
- just off balance- 
After someone tried to stuff 
4 years of laundry into 2 loads. 
I spy with my wee eye
2 huge piles of wet clothes 
That never went through the spin cycle. 
Soaking wet. Dripping. 
Now those clothes are on the 
Bathroom Floor - the same area
Where the tile is already damaged 
From someone taking sponge baths. 
Choices choices choices. 

24 June 2024

nurse anima

Guess who’s back
Shady’s back 
Tell a friend 

Nurse Anne took leave 
Of her senses - sooooo
Here is me. 

Nurse Animne 
Nurse Anima
Nurse Animus 

Just like Eminem 
Slim Shady and 
Marshal Mathers
But without the millions of dollars. 
Also without the singing and talent. 

Blah blah blah sleep

Blah blah blah Texas 

Blah Bruh
Carbs are bad 
Run away! 

Cats and stuff. 
Fat ones 
Skinny ones. 

Once I was a happy healthy productive 
Member of  society 

Secure, witty, cute, successful 

Now just a quivering mass 
of skinny (skinnier) protoplasm 
Who is melting on the Texas heat. 

Living with a drunk is bad. 
Living with a dry drunk is insanity. 
It would make anyone 
Snap Crackle & Pop 
Hold on Biotches 
It’s a bumpy ride and you’re coming with. 
With me. You’re invited 

23 June 2024

day by day

Kids drew me a nice tank. 

My Air BnB last night. 

14 years and I still use this

Twilight feeling 

If you think rock bottom is only this
It’s not. We’re at rock bottom 
and not one brown paper bag can be found. 

It’s not possible to get someone to change. 
They have to really really want to. 

22 June 2024

day 2

I’m up to 100 carbs a day
And I’m loosing 
About 1 pound a day.
What the hail? 

I need blood work. 

So the news was delivered. 
We (I) did a one man show
And ot was difficult. 
It vent on several hours. On and off. 
We dropped the line. 
Now we wait.