30 September 2020

debate this

Secret Agent code? 
Whatever, Dude 

He’s always been a bully. 
Bullea Pemphigus -lol

I caved last night. 
But that’s ok. 
One glass of wine.
I can’t stand the debate. 
I better find a 
“More gooder” way of coping 
Cuz we ain’t done yet. 
We’re just getting started. 

29 September 2020

same sox

Sleep did 

Hairs did. 

Avocado did 

Plants did 

Pandemic did 

Closet did 

Room did 

PiƱon wood in the chiminea did!

I came to work on Tuesday (today)
And this child has on the same sox
As he had on Sunday when I left. 

Also there’s more medication missing. 
I can’t keep on. 
I physically am going to explode. 
My chest is beating so hard 
I can’t catch my breath. 

28 September 2020

my saturday

Uo late trying to find 
a song on YouTube. 
Typical Milennial! 

A plate of sardines 
For the 2 spoiled cats 

27 September 2020

my friday

I got some hot and sour soup 
And the sun was like a spotlight. 
I haven’t had Chinese food
Since last year. It made my heart race. 
That’s good to know! 

Yesterday was a bad day
That turned into a good day. 
That’s good! 

26 September 2020

start this day over

Ever had one of those days? 
Nothing goes right ? 
Fuck that shit. I’m seriously ready 
to pack up and move out right now. 

25 September 2020

end of summer

Nearly 500 miles per tank. 
I’ll take it.

I just remembered 
I gave my coat to Pete. 
It was an XL from way back in the day. 
This is still roomy
Large. Men’s. 
I almost always wear men’s. 
I could go with a  medium. 

I keep finding errors at work. 
And I keep bringing them up. 
One day - this bullying will stop. 
But probably when I leave the case. 

24 September 2020

set down the rules

I just woke up the other day 
And figured I wasn’t taking
Any more *junk* from anyone. 
Ever. For any reason. 
Let’s see how long this lasts. 

23 September 2020

this post has no title

No words and no tune.  

Power outage. 
Dress by flashlight. 

Horrible side pains. 
Drank a beer in case
 it’s a kidney stone. 
Fasted all day.