31 August 2014

resting and eating

Take a cooler when you know you are going to the store!

Chillin ' -
It's not just for Nerds anymore.

Wow - look at that 

Anyone know what this is?

Anyone? Anyone?
I know... but this is a test.

Enjoy them while we have a chance

I like the Purple Onions for salad
 Don't know why... just do.

Sherri has full command of the kitchen now!
Celtic Sea Salt is the best -
On the Mystery Veggie
 (Give up? Have you guessed yet?)

Selected Choice, Primarily

 Gilled for sure

Fried Sautéed  Mushrooms and Onions 
With a dash of Worcestershire Sauce

The Roasted "Things" 
Can also be grilled.....
Give up? It's Broccolini! (link)
All on the plate.
Thanks, Sherri et all.... 

 A wonderful time was had by all!

I have slept 14 + hours a night for nearly two weeks!
And finally feel caught up!
So now - back to work 
With cooler temps? 

weekend off

Kinda keeping up the water and the food...
Got some blood word done at Direct Labs (link)
This will be a "before"  I clean up my LC woe
(Way Of Eating)

Gratuitous Pictures of Clouds

Now comes Labor Day Weekend

Gratuitous pictures of Food

Chili's has a new kiosk that might need some tweaking

Off to find an office chair - for Sherri's new desk
It is a few inches taller - this is a drafter's chair

Can't take me anywhere!

So after decades of working every evening and weekend,
I find myself in the oddly curious position 
Of being home by 5 most nights,
And having weekends, AND Holidays off!
AND I get almost double the pay.
And no one yells at me.
What to do!!
Better run off and enjoy it for a while!

29 August 2014

heat injury week

Actual re-inactment of 
Nurse Anne falling asleep in the truck
(I am a trained professional.
Do NOT try this at home)

Pretty stuff all over town

But really - I do a lot of THIS all day
Waiting in traffic and construction

Lots of lunches this week

Lots of small towns 

Rain a bit on my awesome patio

Falling asleep at the desk

26 August 2014

living peoples

More construction.
Oh joy!
Well, no one else will work it, so I will
And I get a raise and a pin and a goodie bag!

BoomTown Rats

Bar B Cutie!

Quick Trip Weenies

Rich people neighborhoods

There must be a story behind every shirt and shoe 
On the Roadway

HaHa - driving makes me a Roads Scholar

Gratuitous Brekie for Nurse appreciation 

Got a LOL [little ole lady] an Ice Cream
And sat a while and talked about her troubles.....
Hospice was much easier.  MUCH!