31 January 2010

california dreamin'

on such a winter's day....

Again with the bucket?
Monster drink w/protein
coffee, water, 
salad w/blueberries
brisket w/sausage

When I can't...
or can't find the words
*Thanks, day!*

30 January 2010

fixing a hole

Der Tag Spricht
"The Day Speaks"

"Splashing around in puddles."
Driving to the store to get some silicone.
My window is leaking.
Perhaps a metaphysical message?
Either way, it's getting fixed!

Monster w/protein, coffee, water.
Two eggs, hamburger patty.
Less Advil today.
Must be getting better!
Or maybe it was the switch to Sudafed.

This just in.
Must be more crazy sh!t from my previous life!
Effing crazy!
But I am determined to not let it change me for the worse.
People talk about love and peace - 
but they won't (or can't seem to) stop the hate and fear.
Malice toward none - I meant it when I quoted that.
...And let it begin with me!...♫♬♪♪♪♫

In the meanwhile - Advil, anyone?

29 January 2010


THE smallest and cutest little pan.
Two eggs today.
Monster drink w/protein
Coffee, water, and 
you-guessed-it Advil. 

You*Tube video

Buddhist Rap at it's best!
An 11th century Tibetan Monk, non-attachment,
production by Fred Curchack and Laura Jorgensen.
Tried to go to the soirée last noc.
At the Bath House Cultural Center.
Got half way there - went home instead.

28 January 2010

lite dinner

It's a little early for Valentines Day,
But it's never too early for hearts!
OR too late!

a loverly sunset

This last one was tweaked a little in iPhoto.
...but not much...the sky was orange~pink...
All pics in this group were taken on my (not-so) "crappy" cell phone camera!

I liked this Jane chick since I first saw her on Due South
oh, so many years ago!

moonlight and magnolias

night trippin'

Scoring some pics in downtown Dallas...

As she MOOved through traffic,
I could have sworn Elsie was haunting me...
She's everywhere!

Stayed in bed most all day.
(I've never done this...)
Got up to have Monster energy drink
so as not to have caffeine withdrawals.
Florence Nightengale would have said
that is adding insult to injury.
And water. Suddenly I ca'rave water.
Not even You*Tube could save the day yesterday.

Ceptin' this:
A guy with 155 t*shirts on.
100 pounds of extra weight.
Check the side bar for info on the new iPad.
Due out soon.

27 January 2010

same view, different day

Another beautiful day in paradise.
Who could not be effected by scenes such as these?

A YouTube video

☞This just in☜

Frick and Frack are gone.
The 2 feral cats that took up in the laundry room.
My babies musta wanted to haz a cheezeburger.
Or they are out cattin' around.
Or someone took them in.
When it ☁, it 
Off to better digs!

26 January 2010

the empire's new clothes

monster, coffee, advil
shadow art

tried sardines -
too many "scales"
still have my wits about me, at least

time for some new clothes

jazzy salad items

Took some "reduced sugar" ketchup,
Mixed it with dry mustard, with
Toronto Seasoning on a sirloin burger
On the G Forman grill.
Coffee with dinner - late at night!
tsk, tsk!
Back on the treadmill, now that the spider bite
is a distant memory...30 min, casual pace
"Tolerated all procedures well, at this time.
No Apparent Distress noted."
NurseTalk for "okee-dokey!"
"One"  U2 cover
Cowboy Junkies

And back to work today.
Took some time off.
No reason - except maybe...
this just in...
I will also be taking some time off tomorrow!
Head ache - big time - too busy to eat today.
Shift ran later than expected.
Bring the Advil!