31 March 2010

gym class dropout

The treadmill, weight bench and I have a new home!
Two strapping young dudes made quick work of the moving process.
The rest is just "fill in the gaps."
The end of an era *sniff*
At this old apartment, I used to dash in, as fast as I could,
to check my email and comments on my previous blog...
And talk, talk, talk, on the phone for hours...
Farewell, cable - we barely knew ye!
d/c the cable for a while
to concentrate better on my true "recovery."
I take my weight-loss (and subsequent issues) seriously
-- no less so than if I were in recovery from something --
Because I am!
These are the WORST earbuds - I can't hear anything!
Oh wait - they are ear PLUGS! :D
Lunch at Jack In The Box for the movers and me.
Grilled chicken salad, please!
If it stands still, paint it.  If it moves, salute it.
(At least that's what they say in the Army!)
Still plenty to do!
I am the kind of person that would be good to have on a major project.
I have the opposite of ADD - I can stay focused for hours!
Marathon sessions are my forte! I'm just now hitting my stride.

Monster w/protein, of course, you say!
Only half of the salad - it tasted "salty" to me
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate  - another habit, I'd say!
Half an Atkins bar I found under the couch when I moved...
Just kidding! I ate all of it, not half of it.
But I really just unwrapped it, fresh from the box!

The weather is so wonderfully perfect.
They say Spring only lasts about 2 weeks here in Dallas...
Then it goes right from "windows open" to "air conditioning."
I fell asleep on the memory foam topper - still in my clothes!
Now that is tired! But only after about 18 hours of physical work.
Must be the full moon.

30 March 2010

picking up chicks

First a chick, then a duck
The local feed store has baby chicks every spring.

So, so cute! Had to check them out.
Ya can't work all the time, ya know!
Must be the full moon last night.

Kronik low carb energy drink
Hard to find in stores - pretty good "rush"
Grilled angus burger w/ salad
Lined the cabinets (under the sinks) with peel-n-stick tile!
Rather than contact paper.
Fast, cheap, water-proof, and durable!
Get that thing back inside!
Don't you know - nature abhors a vacuum!

Monster w/protein x2
Hamburger patty and salad
Handful of pistachio nuts
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate x2 

29 March 2010

my new (old) digs

Separate bedroom - slash - work*out room
Treadmill, weight bench - you know - that type of thing...
Included a mirror for flexing and posing!
That has to be a good sign, no?

New appliances in the kitchen

It's good to "start over" from time to time...

Keeping it fresh and not too heavy...

Not just a photo*opportunity!
I really can do plumbing, electrical, and framing work.
I built/ remodeled a house before this.
Putting up a few shelves and curtain rods before the furniture goes in.

Now THIS is a photo*opportunity!

Monster LC energy drink w/protein mix
Hamburger patty, chef salad w/ dried cranberries, ham, cheese,
and of course, an avocado....dressing on the side 
(The dressing is on the side; not the avocado!)

I am just not hungry on LowCarb, 
So I never have had to worry about what to eat, or how much.
Once or twice this year, I ate too many nuts. But no real "binges."
Eating too many nuts is a self-limiting endeavor...
Do it once or twice - you're not likely to do it again!

route 66

Farewell, Grand Canyon...
We barely knew ye!
I didn't "Thelma and Louise" myself 
off the cliffs -- that's progress, right?
Standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona
Route 66
I expected to see the Sheriff from
"No Country For Old Men"
....but, no....
Must be getting closer to Texas

Once in Texas, a  total stranger let me use her cell phone to call ahead to my apartment!
The new apartment is ready. I picked up the key with 15 minutes to spare.
From vacation to move in - I'm ready to make the change!

Everything new! Home address, IP, get rid of junk while moving...
Maybe some new digs will help to break the spell I seem to be under...
Weighed 145 this morning! And I have hint of a tan.

A couple more things to change, and it really will be
"A New Day" - just like the old song...

28 March 2010

hike in a forest

not my ride

hiking at 9,000 feet

a little cabin in the woods

the view from the top

Finally home - ready to post - then
Suddenly my internet connection is no good.
All across America (and beyond) it works.
Back at home - no bueno!
Two days with no hook-up.
Grrrr! Double grrr.

So this is about the last of my Splendid,
Refreshing, Soul-Searching, trip to California!
Hence the time delay.
This hike was 9,000 - gave me a nosebleed anyways.

Thanks for going half way across America with me!
I really wish you could have seen it all in person.
Who knows - maybe one day, eh?

Today, Monster drink w/protein
Hamburger patty with salad
Coffee w/sf hot chocolate
and water, water, almost everywhere.

25 March 2010

antelope slot

This place is famous for photographers from around the world.
Some guy was here from National Geographic.
They were looking at me because all I had was a cell phone camera!
My charger was left behind in California.
Not bad pics, considering they are just point and shoot.
The beauty of the canyon is indescribable anyway; 
No photo from any camera comes close to the experiencing the real thing.
Someone was playing a Native American flute in the background.
It was a real treat!

Monster w/protein
Hamburger no bun
Cashews and peanut mix, Atkins bar.
A whole bunch of Trident gum.
(That can't be good!)

Very emotional day driving today.
Too much caffeine, not enough exercise.
Overstimulated - no "quiet time"
Yet oddly, not enough distractions!
Just a melancholy mix, I guess.

Wish you were here!