28 February 2022

labs day

A wee bit low. 
But I’m completely asymptomatic. 
I have labs today. 
So I don’t want to eat. 
I’ll be ok. Disclaimer. 

Ukraine is crazy right now. 
And no NATO Allies in the mix. 
What the hell? 

27 February 2022

long streak

Lol I dreamed that I broke in
To someone’s house 
and ate some old garlic bread
I found in their fridge. 
It was stale. I didn’t care. 
I hunkered down to hide
And rammed it in my mouth
Like Oliver Twist scarfing down the same. 
Then I escaped - Tom Cruise style
And then went back for more! 
Time to end the fast. 

For the first time in a while
I can say with certainty 
I have maintained the integrity 
Of my boundaries 
And not cheating-even one bit. 
The blue box is pure days. 
This is actually February 
Going in to March. 
I started on the 15th. 
The green is eating days. 
The rest is fasting days. 

Long live Jambi. 

This “serious look”
Isn’t good on me. 
I look like a serial killer
Or deranged professor. 
Onward and Downward! 

26 February 2022

back to cool day

Well with trump in office
We had to look on the phone 
First thing in the morning 
To see what calamity occurred overnight. 
Seems we’re back to that. 
The world is changing exponentially. 

But people always say that. 
For my mom’s generation,
A house was $10,000
A fancy house was $30,000
A Buick was $2000 -
The last of the big spenders. 

So don’t fall off that wagon now! 
Double down. 
Sleep hygiene. 
Good food. Exercise. 
Keep on. 
Being out of shape won’t help us cope. 

This is me walking in place a few minutes. 
Every minute counts. 

Siri says my cold is almost over. 

Must be on the mend. 
I jabbed myself with scissors 
And it’s healing nice. 
Hand wounds are hard to keep clean. 

Tea. Not Covefe. 
Watching my ulcers. 
Something g warm. 
I’m cutting back on caffeine. 
I used to take a week off coffee 
A few times a year- per Atkins’72. 
And really- why not? 

Just say no! 
When you’re tempted 
Have a plan and talk to yourself and say 
Get outta here with that crap! 
Back to basics every day. 

Might as well have some fun. 

25 February 2022

back to school day

More or less good sleep. 

TMI alert! 👀 
I had to practice kegeling
Because of coughing! 
So far, so good. 
In nursing school, they taught us
To kegel at every traffic light. 
So 30 years of that… thank goodness! 

I wanted to get up early and walk. 
But there’s so much ice yet. 
I’ll walk in place today. 

Fashion-Ista that I am. 

Calm sleep aid. 
This is Magnesium Carbonate. 
Not the very best Magnesium. 
Pro Tip - Don’t take too much 
Or you’ll see the inside of the bathroom, 
More than the inside of your eyelids. 
Just sayin’ though 
It’s not as bad as magnesium citrate.

My humble abode 
for the next few nights. 
I’m glad I can still get up from the floor. 
Don’t take anything for granted. 
Unless you granted it to yourself. 

Still Snaking.
I call this snake plus 
Because I have coffee. And Monster. 

Stats now. Green light! 
Maybe not green. Solid yellow. 
Still amazing what the Apple Watch can do. 
Now Siri is telling me I’m better. 
And I actually am! 

Yesterday was plain awful. 
You can say that again. 
But that not now - that’s then! 
Colds last about a week. 
No fever-  just a runny nose. 

Russia and Ukraine. 
War in the city. Very scary. 
Putin threatening retribution 
“The likes of which the world has never seen …”
Which is an effective catch phrase 
Used by all politicians these days. 
Ted Cruz, Idiot Trump, now Vlad.  

My takeaway is to stock up on meat
And don’t buy stocks. 
We might not see WW3 
But this with COVID 
CAN’T be good. 

The company I have worked for
For 5 years just started offering 
Stock options and 401k. 
I signed up for both and ended up 
Being too enthusiastic. 
Half my check was gone!  
Lol live and learn. 

Ever since last year’s 
Rolling Black Outs in Texas,
I always carry a light, a charger pack,
And clothes. 
I look like an old man conductor 
For a symphony. Lol. 
Crazy Hair And All. 

24 February 2022

ice day

Calm Magnesium plus Melatonin 
Equals my happy spot 

My single goal this year 
Is to raise my HRV. 
It counts more than BP. 
And mine is low. 

Walking in place when I can’t take a walk. 

Even with these numbers 
it’s still better than it was 

Time for Tea. 
No cups. Used a bowl. 

Ice Ice Baby

Texas has Summer Roads. 
We get rain but not too much snow. 
We’re never ready for ice. 
It’s not because we’re  bad drivers. 
The Infrastructure isn’t set up for this. 

This is Black Ice. 
You won’t see it till you’re sliding   

Day Time Cold Medicine. 
I never used cold medicine 
until a few years ago. 
It’s pretty joyful. 
It does contain Advil. 
So I have to be super careful. 

So many Fatties (and Ex-Fatties) are sick puppies. 
So many people in general as walking wounded. 
All we eat is junk. 
We don’t walk or stretch like we should. 
We have crap lives. 
And no one really understands
What anything is for. 
After a year of studying HRV
I don’t get it and no one makes sense. 
And I’m a Nurse! 
You’d think I would get it. 

I’ve said before 
And I end up saying it again. 
We need more sleep,
Less less blue light, more sun;
Most of us are sub-clinically 
Malnourished, dehydrated 
Anxious, toxic messes. 
Or depressed. 
Completely out of touch. 
How to fix it?