30 April 2024

hell hand basket

The party and hoist of relationships. 

The victorious re-entry 

The way it is 

100% humidity. 

Someone left  a purse. 

Small trouble at home 
It’s large to me small to
Everyone else 

28 April 2024

toil and trouble

Box Cake. 
And yea. I had a bite. 

The kids draw me like this. 

5 years ago
Grand Canyon trip 

Near Abiqui New Mexico 

I sleep better when a crazed man 
Is not pacing around the house. 
Go figure. 

One After 909

I had a little reprieve from my thoughts
When I remembered my goals. 
To forgive the past
And plug my future in the 
Hands of God. 
That way I don’t need the
Wisdom to know the difference. 
It’s literally a no-brainer. 
Nothing to decide. 
Kinda passive-
But there’s nothing wrong with that. 

27 April 2024

observation mode

So the housemate walked in 
and announced quite casually 
that he is sick of this shit 
and wants to move back 
to have his mother care for him. 
We’re not making him feel welcome. 

It’s a ploy to be sure. 
He wants to scare me 
That if he’s gone - I won’t be 
Able to take my vacation. 
On the other hand,
If that’s what it takes
Then I’m all in. lol. 

During times of serious stress
It’s most important to eat right
100% and even do some 
Gentle walking and easy fasting
To help clear out the stress. 

I know I go into emotional eating mode
And that’s probably a throwback 
To days of ulcers and stress. 
Some ulcers are soothed by food.

This was 12 hours of sleep 
That didn’t really settle down. 
I know it’s stress. 
That’s why it’s a killer. 

No matter how strong 
or prepared you are,
There is always someone out there 
Who would destroy you if they could. 
They’re all kinds of 
“mental health misfits”
Who don’t have a full blown mental illness 
But they’re definitely on the spectrum. 
And it’s hard when you get hooked up with one. 

meltdown day

It’s very difficult to share a space 
With a person who is not well 
And refuses treatment. 
You don’t know from one day 
To the next- what life will bring 

25 April 2024

dumb and dumber

Time for labs. 
Here. Put the requisition slip 
By my keys so I don’t forget it. 

Hahaha oh so clever! 
I forgot it. After i got signed in. 

Got these. Need beef. 
Try again tomorrow. 

The magic machine. 
Fairies loaf and unload it. 

Taking a nap. 
Or just staying in bed today. 
I feel like … nothing is right. 
If he just moved on,
There would be no trouble. 
But the don’t ever just move on. 

24 April 2024

day of reckoning

God, I was mad. 
The Nurse who asked me 
For a shift - took the shift -
Then called out. 

So I had to come on. 
So buy the dip.
When a problem comes along 
You must whip it!

Jump Bumny Bunny Bunny JUMP! 

Slept like a kitten. 
A well fed kitty. 

Laundry is never done. lol. 

Is this the same cat? 
Yes. Different photographers. 
You tell me which one is by mommy. 
Me. lol. And which one 
Looks like a gargoyle. 

5 years ago. 
What will I be doing in 5 years?
I pray not this. 
Not this pace. I must slow down. 
I can’t keep this pace up. 

My goodness.
That is all. 
My freaking goodness. 
I ate the M & Ms from
Yesterday’s math. lol. 
It’s never proportional. 
One handful of candy and I gain 5 pounds. 
Truth. Never worth it.