30 April 2023

still elevated labs

Here they are compared to last week. 
I believe liver recovery is in weeks. 
Not days. I’ll re-test in 2 weeks. 

Its almost like i have Fatty Liver. 

I was pretty free with the Ramadan treats. 
No more than 100 carbs a day. 
Still thats too much. 

Its like a Perfect Storm. 
Kratom and Keto.perhaps not good together. 
Ive done some research. 
No one is talking about this combo. 
We shall see! 
Still losing a pound every 2 days. 

sleeping day

Elevated labs still.
Liver enzymes. 
Coffee is said to help. 

Hey- I know! 
Scrambled Eggs with Ham and Cheese! 

But alas. The housemate ate the ham. 
And didn't tell me. 
And didn’t replace it. 
*sad trombone*

29 April 2023

face the music

Chilling sky. 
Before the storm. 

Every city has a couple of these 
The Muffler Man

Redid the labs 

CrioBru is cacao nibs. 
No very good, but they’re ok. 

Florida beach towel. 

Fin with filters 

Thin RibEye. 
OMG. I snarfed it down. 

Funky toes 

The Nurse who blessed me out
I now have to face again. 
Not looking forward to it. 
Tempers flare during COVID. 
Worse than ever. Like a sinking ship. 
Peace to such foolishness! 
Let there be peace. 

28 April 2023


La la la last day this week. 
Day off tomorrow! (Today)
Happy Dance. 

Planning the food. 
Seize the day! 

Planning the festivities. 
Might watch tv and rest my brain. 

Is it too soon to repeat the liver function test? 
It’s only been one week. 
Should I wait 2 weeks? 

Pick up some Pho
Pho No! 
Tripe is not for me. 
Tendons? Hard pass. 

Yesterday Costco Egg Bites with 
Sugar-Free Syrup and Hot Sauce 

Many more steps but I was charging 
The Apple Watch- which already has 
A dismal battery life 
After one month. Shiiiiit!

Got home and a co-worker
Slash friend confronted me. 
She called and accused me 
of being “catty” and talking smack 
about her during report. 

It felt like this. 
She was raging furiously 
Because the Night Nurse asked in report
If Said Nurse might come in 
30 minutes early. 

I said it can’t hurt to ask! 
She doesn’t like to change, generally. 
She gets mad if you ask her
And even madder if you don’t ask. 
Night Nurse can just give 
report to the mom. And go. 
Not much is happening at 6 am. 

In Home Health, part of the contract 
Is that if no Nurse is available,
The family must provide care. 

My mother worked as a 
Medical Records Secretary  
In prestigious mental hospitals mostly. 
Namely, Timberlawn. 
Which was like the Betty Ford 

It paid better than General Hospitals. 
She loved Pop Psychology, 
Transactional Analysis, 
And the book Games People Play. 
This particular game is called 
“Now I’ve Got You,
You Son Of A Bitch!”

They won’t stop until you react. 
She’s been looking for an excuse 
to quit the case, and has been trying to 
cause fights with other nurses. 
Mom said she can just go. 
No problem. 

Nurses are Odd Ducks. 
90% of Nursing is getting along
With patients, families, doctors,
Staff members, and other Nurses. 
And all the knowledge and skill. 
And responsibility for human life. 

Well… I snapped back this time. 
I usually just take it. 
I defended myself. 
“No one said anything about you!
No one is talking about you in report!
Quit triangulating me 
Into a scenario I didn’t do!”
I matched her tone and volume. 
I should have recorded the call. 
And she hung up on me. 
She’s probably going to ghost the case. 

My housemate and I had 
some trauma bonding over it. 

I’m still stunned. 
Like I’m in midair. 
Waiting to come down. 

27 April 2023

down down down

The old and the restless. 
Lol. Not that old. 

The number of times the Apple Watch 
Thought I was awake. 

An oldie but a goodie. 

Spend a day with me 

Uhhhh- what’s up, Doc? 

Found in a clinic vending machine. 
Good product placement. IMHO. 

How I really spend my day. 
Playing with a nursing flashlight. 
Been dropping about a pound a day. 
Not sure how. I snuck in the 
family’s pantry, and ate a hand full 
of coco-puffs. Which is silly, 
because I don’t even like chocolate! 

Labs tomorrow. 
I cut down to one dose of kratom 
At night for sleep. 
And added Milk Thistle
To my daily vitamin pack. 
I hope I do t have to give up kratom. 
It’s been so helpful for pain and sleep.