23 August 2013

hop-scotching through

Broken Hurt Foot Bone - 
The Navicular


I once said it would be no problem to cook two separate meals:
One for you and one for the non LC'ers.
Now I know that is not so easy.

Wow. Add to the pics a big plate of humble pie.
Not pictured because I ate that, too.

17 August 2013

a week in august

Lots of stretching

Lots of Fat Bread

Went to a Mooooovie

Saw Elysium 

And Dinner

Good Friends

And no, I did not eat the bread

What is that Burger

Guess Who wants some too

Did I mention Fat Bread?

The more I blog - the more accountable I am
So I blog .... I blog already!

Got about an hour of light walking in most days this week.
The scale stays the same but I am tired....

05 August 2013

carb exposure

Arrrgh - carb overload!

All these years I practiced avoidance -
And did well... now I am in Carb Territory -
And I have to admit - not always 100%

Mostly ok - and it's summer ....
I have no appetite and I have to make myself eat - 
No harm on the scale, either - 
Unlike like year when my "bites, licks and tastes" 
Cost me a dear 10 pounds of Rump Rubbage....lol

Bounty from the garden - small, but mighty, eh?

My Cousin Vinny - the original food blog photo

This works too -
Going out to someplace new on my days off -
Yay for good friends!

Here's me crying because I only got a quarter pound
 and not the half! Maybe next time!